What Am I Working On

This page is here to give you an idea of my current expected schedule for releases and what I’m working on currently. Because I work to fairly rapid production rates and because I do start projects which go nowhere, what’s on here is subject to change at more or less no notice.

Just Released

  • Eden Burning.
  • Dominance.
  • The Vanity Case.
  • The Eyes of the Huntress.
  • The Iron Princess.

Editing Pipeline

  • Guardian: Ultrahumans 5.

Writing Now

  • True Dark: Ultrahumans 6.


  • A re-release of all the Thaumatology books.
  • The next Unobtainium book, King Solamet’s Mines,  but it’s being difficult about coming out.

On the Drawing Board

  • Ultrahumans 7: No working title yet (I had one, but then the plot changed), but this will deal with the aftermath of Guardian and True Dark.

Production Purgatory

  • A Midsummer’s Nightmare. The 13th Thaumatology book and the first in a sub-series, The Sorcerer’s Symphony. Plot problems.
  • The Black Moon: More werewolves! This is Crierwy’s story, set in the thaumatology universe, but 16 or so years down the road.
  • Aneka and Ella do Star Trek! Well, that’s how someone put it. The continued mission of Aneka and Ella to seek out new digs, confront new alien races, and see if they’d like to get naked – or something.

Note on categories:

  • Just Released: should be obvious.
  • Editing Pipeline: has a completed first draft and is awaiting my edits and then proofing. When I have a solid release date, I’ll post it. These books are going to happen.
  • Writing Now: is what I am actively working on. These may go into Production Purgatory.
  • Doldrums: Sometimes the wind just goes out of my sails and I can’t keep the enthusiasm going, or there’s a lack of faith in the way the plot is going. Books here are likely to be picked up and finished sooner than those in Purgatory.
  • Production Purgatory: is like production hell, but not quite as bad. Shadows and Reality Hack both went here and made it out.
  • On the Drawing Board: more than just vague ideas, less than something I’m able to write. These are the things which may well happen in the future. (In no specific order, btw.)

100 responses to “What Am I Working On

  1. Would really, really like to see sequel to Kate on hot tin roof!!!

    • I know where that one is going, but I don’t have a timescale for it. I need to be in a really odd mind-set to write that world.

      • Glad to hear you’re planning a sequel, even if it’s way off in the distance. I really enjoyed the first book. It was a bit odd, and I mean that in the best possible way

    • looking forward to more ultrahuman novels and The Black Moon….
      Love the Thaumatology/ultrahuman novels most…

      Really want to see more Thaumatology 101 that’s probably my favourite book series and the one i’ve exhaustively read almost to death by now lol…..

      That one and Cape high gets constant rereads from me when i have no other series to look out for…

      few books really do well something you can re-read over and over like that..

    • Any timeline on other Audible releases? I just finished Steel beneath Skin, and I’d like to hear the rest of the series. Sure I’ve read them already, but I like to listen to them too.

      • Sadly, no. If, at some point, I get rich and famous, I could get them done. Or if audiobooks start selling way better than they currently do. Right now, the production costs make the audio versions even less viable than doing more print-on-demand versions.

    • Hey Niall: NOT to take you away from the writing, but could you please get your “just released” and “editing” sections brought up to date?
      BTW – loved Vanity Case. Would like to see more, but I would rather see new Aneka and Fox stories first.

  2. Hope the next Aneka / Ella is not too far in the future, I really enjoy these.

  3. I have loved all of your books so far so long may you keep writing sequels to them all!!:-)

  4. do you plan on making more audiobooks???

    • Would I like to? Yes.
      Do I plan to? No, for planning implies some idea of when it might happen.
      Audiobooks are difficult to justify economically because they cost a lot to produce and don’t tend to sell that well.
      I have a Patreon account set up to try to get enough funds to make more and I’m looking at other options, but right now audiobooks are on the back burner.

  5. Along with Mr Taylor above I too am looking forward to seeing more of Aneka and Ella and of Ceri and Lily and of course of Fox.Thank You for your very addictive writing.

  6. Don’t know if you take reader idea’s for your books but I was think that in your thaumatology books that the girls could discover that the stone heads on Easter island are really prison cells for sorcerers and that maybe someone figured out how to release one and they go on a rampage that ceri and lily have to fix. Just an idea

    • I don’t, generally, for IPR reasons.

      Easter Island is a little difficult to get to in the Thaumatology world where transport is a little tougher than ours. The Pacific in particular is not a good place since it’s surrounded by a semi-active rift, the Ring of Fire.
      I have considered something similar, however since entombing rogue magicians is a convenient way of getting rid of them and you may recall that Merlin was said to have been entombed in a tree or a stone. His reappearance in modern society was one possible conflict to resolve the Order of Merlin situation, but I went in a different direction.

  7. Do you have a date for the next fox book?

  8. What will be the next book out and when can we expect it?

  9. Do you have an eta yet for Ultrahumans 3 yet, and here’s hoping that the sisters of corruption are going to be a long standing story arc in the Fox Meridian series.

    • Should be the last week in April.
      The Sisters will be turning up again, definitely (since I’ve written at least some of them into the next book already). There are some plots I still haven’t entirely fixed on which would see them turning up a lot more, but we’ll see where those go. I’m sure some of them are going to be turning up now and then no matter what.

  10. Ok. The Sisters of Corruption are VERY COOL and frankly? They make more sense than many non-mainstream religions I have seen in today’s world. I wonder when Naomi will try to get Fox and Jason to ‘visit’. You KNOW she is going to try.

    So many cool characters. So many questions. I am waiting patiently for the next book. Mostly patient anyway. Not climbing the walls or anything. Much.

  11. How about an update to the”what I’m working on” section? I hate to pester but it’s almost entirely out of date.

  12. Might not be the best place to leave this, but…

    I’ve made this a couple of times, and the coincidence of drinking some while re-reading the Aneka books made me think this might be a good approximation of what Shinishee might be like. Thought I’d share a link to the recipe. Homemade Elderberry Liquer:


    Hope you or others here enjoy if you’re inclined.

  13. Can you not use the totally unproductive time you spend sleeping to write more words.. I am suffering from withdrawal symptoms for Ceri and Lily, Aneka and Ella, Fox and the cast of Vampites.

    On a side note, I hope Ceri is going to find David Meadows in the demon realm and further torment him

  14. I though So Not a Hero was by far your best work. I like the characters and I loved the redemption them. Is there every going to be a second on about the main character?

  15. I have enjoyed every book I’ve read so far (everything you’ve released on Amazon) – Thanks!
    I would like to put in my vote for more Ceri, Lily and Michael. Surely some demon lord will do something stupid and try to cover it up. I love it when Ceri and Lily solve crimes, more police procedural in the Demon Realm would be so cool (there was a little in ‘Other Side of Hell’, loved it, want more), specially when Lily and/or Michael does something smart. I’m not saying I don’t love your other series too (I do) but I would love to read a few more adventures of Ceri and the problems with ruling the Demon Realm.
    Also, just curious, did old Sim over in the U.S.survive the collapse of the magic field?

  16. My current favorites in the way of series are definitely Ultrahumans and Aneka Jansen

  17. Love the Fox Meridian and Ultra Human series!!!!
    Looking forward to more from both!!!

  18. I have to admit, I’m curious as to what the final results would be of Ceri’s draconic puberty.

    • I have just finished re-reading Thaumatology 101 Series. I find myself thinking that Ceri is actually an immature dragon.

  19. Just finished a reread of Frostburn and noticed how big a cliffhanger you left us there, so I also vote for sequelling it this year.

    And you could perhaps take a look at this page to bring it up-to-date. Thanks in advance and thanks for ALL your books.

  20. Recently devoured the existing Fox Meridian books and they were amazing! Glad to see a book 7 is somewhere (?) in the pipeline, looking forward to reading it.

  21. Just wondering how A Midsummer’s Nightmare is going , as I noticed you had a planed release date of march. But as it is going to be book 13 I am guessing something has happened 😥

  22. Ah ty, pity it’s not working out 😥 I had just looked in your what I am working on. It might be a bit out of date 🙂 looking forward to your next book what ever it may be.
    What about a prequel? In the same universe as ceri and lily but, post ww2 book starting with the destination and a of the bombs???

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  24. Hi I am in the process of rereading most if my Kindle library and found that I enjoyed Gunwitch a lot more the second time. As i found the first half of the story a bit of a struggle. You dont seam to have mentioned any more books on long the story line. I was just wondering if its there and i missed it.

  25. Really big fan of all your writing. I wait patiently to see which one comes out next. Keep up the excellent work.

  26. How is the editing of Misfit Witchcraft going?

    • About the same as always. 🙂
      If I can, I actually like to take two months getting a book ready for the proofreader. However, Misfit Witchcraft is due in July if my memory is serving.

  27. Dear Sir,

    some years ago you gave me your e-Mail-address, but at one point I lost all my mails and contacts. I’d like to talk to you about a private subject, so could you just send me an e-Mail to this address, so I can answer you?

    Rainer Prem

  28. I have gone through the thaumatology series like a hot knife through butter the last couple of days. I could have sworn that it took a longer time reading the books, but amazon is swearing that I bought the first book on the 5th and now I have read all 12. Really looking forward to the day when that series gets out of production purgatory. Looking forward to “the black moon” as well. Seeing Ceri as a supporting character might be interesting (presuming that she is gonna be there), but I worry that I might be spoiling the main series due to it being 16 years into the future

    • The Black Moon books won’t be started until I’ve done all I can with the immediate series. The plan is to do Black Moon after the Sorcerer’s Symphony, assuming I ever manage to get that one sorted out.

  29. just as a sidenote, the review that made me try the books was this one https://www.amazon.com/gp/customer-reviews/R3MMMYEOGJQY6I/ref=cm_cr_dp_d_rvw_btm?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B006IYIESW#wasThisHelpful (because I was not really looking for erotica and the cover/the warnings of 18+ made me real sceptical)

    After having read the books I mostly agree with it and I wanted to ask if you had considered writing some books with less “in your face” sex. Not to come off as a prude as it was not my gentle sensibilites that were offended, but rather that whenever there was a sex scene that did not somehow advance the plot I was just reading to get through it.

    • The Thaumatology and Aneka books are fairly ‘erotic.’ (I have, in my past, written proper erotica, and these aren’t, but I do understand that they are fairly X rated compared to much sci-fi/fantasy.)
      A lot of the later series have less sex in them. They do have sex in them, so I continue to mark the books as 18+ because I’d prefer it if people knew what they were getting into. Also, especially with the Fox books, there are a few criminal activities and the like which are, frankly, not very nice. (Frankly, one of the scenes in ‘DeathWeb’ was not very nice to write. I had to take a bit of a breather when it was down, but I think it works.)
      So, try some of the later series.

      • Rainer Prem

        I’m rather interested in reading “proper erotica” written by you. I still think that Ceri’s seduction by Lily in T101 (the part before the sex) is one of the most erotic scenes I ever read.

      • Ha! Well, while one of those stories actually earned me my first ever money from writing (I came second in a monthly vote of reader’s favourites), the writing could be a lot better and the plot (yes, there was a plot) could do with some work. In a lot of ways, T101 is more erotic. I still get requests to write a sequel, and I keep thinking I’ll do a rewrite and continue the story, and I never quite seem to have the time. Ah well.

  30. How is misfit witchcraft faring?

  31. Do you have a projected date for the re-release of the Thaumology books? I’m getting ready to read those again.

  32. Its goten arfully still around here

  33. What about an update on this? Just to make our mouths water.

  34. Pretty please 🙏

  35. Have you ever thought about crossover stories? The heroines from different worlds may meet each other? Fox thrown into a world where magic works and experiencing what Lilly’s powers can do to an infomorph…

    • Yes, I’ve considered it. The only worlds which were partially designed for it were Thaumatology and Aneka. If you look closely, there are some hints that the underlying physics works the same way in the first Aneka book.
      However, aside from non-canon comedy, I’m not generally fond of crossover stories like that.
      And Lily’s powers wouldn’t work on Aneka.

      • I’d really like to read “non-canon comedy”. I don’t know if you know about the Elfhome/Tinker series by Wen Spencer, but she fed all such snippets into an anthology together with “serious” stories…

      • Not heard of that one, but it’s an idea. If I ever get the chance to write something like that… Well, we’ll see.

  36. Will there be more misfit magic books?

  37. I don’t know if anybody has mentioned that yet, so if you already know about this, ignore or delete this post.

    I’m just rereading Aneka and again stumbled over the two continuity problems in “Cold Steel Mind”.

    The first is minor and appears right in the first paragraph. You are mentioning the name “Agroa Gar” out of the blue. There was no mention in “Steel Beneath” and never comes any explanation how she learned the name (or at least I can’t remember any).

    The second is worse. In “Part Three: Wonderland” Ella says: ‘…. Gillian is going to talk to *Memory* about the history of the projects here. Doctor Wallace will be covering the physical sciences with *Reality*.’

    Neither of them have been introduced up to now. In fact they will be formally introduced by Speaker in a later scene.

  38. I think you should call Twilight Empress a four book trilogy. Quadilogy is not very elegant. Besides it will let you know if anyone reads such blurbs on a book cover.

  39. Tharcion- Have you ever thought of bringing your style to the Lit-RPG or GameLit genres? Eden Redd is a great example of the more adult versions of that genre, though Alpha World is probably the series that I have found that is closest to your works. I have read through a lot of the comments here, though not all of them, and was really hoping for next Thurmatology book though as also thinking that a rewrite for a more adult flavor would be great too. Have been reading from T101 and really think that there’s a lot that could be written in that series in a more erotic flavor. Have noticed that there is a few authors out there who are releasing a general release of a book and then they are also releasing an 18+ release of it. Daniel Schinhofen is fond of that sort of release. Not meaning to just give ya a ton of work to do but when your as awesome a writer as you it just can’t be helped. But thank you again for being the writer you are, because I think we all would agree you have immense talent at weaving a great story.

  40. Since this is the closest you have to a general talk thread, I thought it would amuse you to know that my American brain has at least partially started thinking in British date formats. The message board driving in to work showed 04/06/2018 and I thought to myself that it’s way to cold to be June 4th. Current temp is right around 0 Celsius

    • Oddly, I was working on something sci-fi recently (didn’t work; it was one of Ayah’s failed attempts) and I decided to go YY/MM/DD with the dates because it suddenly occurred to me that Americans don’t list dates the same way as the British. I wonder if this is why Star Trek had stardates?

      • Trek star dates were generally just made up in order not have to use specific dates. Writers were told to just pick an arbitrary 4 digit number for TOS. TNG used a different criteria involving the TNG season and a randomly progressing number from 000-999. There isn’t any real correlation to actual dates on a calendar

      • I sort of knew that. Or I’ve heard it before, I think. I suppose I do something similar by picking an arbitrary date and then changing the calendar system. If I never let on when the calendar changed, you’ll never know how far in the future the story is. I think it takes about three books for you to get a real clue about the date of the Aneka books. Though the given dates in those books progress in a logical sequence.

      • The YY/MM/DD is also the way that the military would like to have the dates done on important paperwork, so if it was even somewhat a military sci-fi then it makes perfect sense to me to switch to that format.

      • YYMMDD is easier to sort too.

  41. How is the editing of the rerelease of the Thaumatology series going?

    • Well, and not well. It isn’t just the text that needs changing, I need new covers for several of the books and one set of ideas for that kind of flopped. I’ve also been struggling a little to get new stuff out which gives me less time to finish going through the text. I have some of them done, but those are the ones I really need new covers for (it’s a format thing to do with the iBook store). When I get some clear time to work on things, I’ll try to get them pushed out.

  42. I was just wondering if you were planning another Misfit book? I really love the girls and would like to know what’s happening with them …

  43. Hey Niall:
    You said back in January 2018 that you were going to update your “Just Released” section. You have books on there going back a couple years since published, which sort of invalidates the “Just Released” concept.

    If it was up to date with no releases from previous years on it, it would do better at attracting attention to your new novels.

    Just saying.
    Love your books, keep on writing.


  44. Excited to see you’re working on True Dark and have ideas for Ultrahumans 7. Fingers crossed that things work out.

    • Awesome! Of course, the aims were a bit different and Norman won’t be escaping to take over a surgical robot, but… I mean, I assume he won’t.
      Tbh, I’m still waiting for a serial killer to use the data people publish from fitness wristbands to track down his victims. Call me paranoid, but I don’t think that plotline is very far-fetched.

      • Rainer Prem

        We most likely wouldn’t be told if that really happened. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but I can easily image that law enforcement agencies wouldn’t want to release such a fact into the public.

      • You may be right. OTOH, I’d expect to see various companies tightening security, or someone bemoaning the use of such tools on chat shows. I absolutely cannot believe I’m the only person who looked at those things and thought “that’s at least a string of muggings waiting to happen.”

      • You likely aren’t. What probably hasn’t happened is someone who is looking for victims has thought to use the system in such a fashion. Grant’s situation put him in a unique situation to both think of using the data that way and be able to exploit it, I think

      • I sure hope so.

  45. Did you see the article about the fitness data and military bases?


    • Ha! No, I didn’t, but that’s more or less exactly what I had in mind. Never thought terrorists could use it though. Perhaps I foolishly thought military personnel would have more of a clue.

      • Rainer Prem

        Well, Strava doesn’t give actual positions away, it only shows runs after they are completed and (automatically) uploaded. But it’s rather close to DeathWeb.

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