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The Iron Princess

book 1-cover-amazon

The Iron Princess, the first in the Twilight Empress trilogy is now available.


The Eyes of the Huntress


The new book is out. The Eyes of the Huntress.

This one was a long time coming. I originally started it in 2015, but I decided that the main character was a little too much like Aneka Jansen and went somewhere different. Well, now she’s back.


In Other News

Having a little trouble with the Twilight Empress book. I’m taking the weekend to consider a fairly drastic change in the background, but whatever happens, I’m expecting it to appear on the virtual shelves in early May.

The Vanity Case


The Vanity Case is now available. This is the first Sondra Blake novel, about a detective and her partner working to solve cases of magical crime in an alternative New York City.

Fox Dominates


Book 8 in the Fox Meridian series is now out.

With new year, Fox Meridian is settling into her new position as the security and terrorism specialist of Palladium Security Solutions, and she’s finally getting over the death of her boyfriend. Then the violent murder of a vote broker throws Fox into a mire of sex and politics, and her friend Naomi Lind is in the hot seat.

Eden Burning


The seventh book in the Fox Meridian series is out now.

Misfit Witchcraft


Now available, the next instalment of the Misfits series. I had absolutely no idea what to do for the cover of this, until this idea hit me this week. Honestly, I think it’s one of the better ones I’ve done, even if it’s a little dark in places.

Misfit Magic

Okay, it’s out.