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A Dance with The Devil (cover)


Dance with The Devil, the tenth Fox Meridian book, should be out in the next day or two. Hopefully, Amazon won’t complain about a hint of shadowy, naked Devil butt cos I really quite like how this came out.


Coming Sunday…


True Dark

true dark-cover-amazon

True Dark is now available.

Guardian Cover Image

Guardian will be coming out real soon now. This is the fifth Ultrahumans book and it’s kind of a pair with the sixth, True Dark, which will be out around the beginning of August.

Guardian will, perhaps unsurprisingly, reveal the truth behind the Guardians, of which Cygnus is one. I decided that the cover should feature Cygnus and feature her it does.


There will be a bunch of new concept art going up once Guardian is out the door and I have True Dark thoroughly nailed down. I’ve got a cluster of new Ultras making their first appearance in True Dark. Things they are a changing.

As for what comes after these two… Well, right now all I’ve got a good fix on is another Ultrahumans book, tentatively titled Liberty, but three in a row is pushing my limits a little. We’ll see where I’m at once True Dark is finalised.

The Zanari Inheritance


The new book is out. The Zanari Inheritance is available on Smashwords now and Amazon soon. Apple iBooks, B&N, etc will follow when they’ve done their vetting thing.

Sorry to have been a bit silent about this one coming, but the last few weeks have been… interesting, and busy. I’ll post some more about this book and series in the near future, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy it.

More Recover!

Okay, let’s get some opinions. I’ve got two options here which work with the lettering (I think) and add more light. The first has more general environment lighting, and some clouds to darken the sky. The second has a direct light on the foreground character, but has the original, dark background (which results in more contrast on the figure, but she isn’t quite as brightly lit…). Both look fairly good on my monitors. How do they look on yours? Which do you prefer?

I’ll add that I don’t have a solid preference. Both version have features I like and features I don’t.

Gunwitch: Recover

Okay, I re-rendered the cover image. You guys think this looks better?