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Misfits Character Art

I’ve put some of the character concept artwork I did for the Misfits books up on ArtStation. Later today I should be doing a post about the setting (yet another attempt to provide useful information for readers) and the book itself should appear either late tonight or early tomorrow. I’m going through it one last time to check some dates I had to alter at the last minute.

You can find the pictures here.

But here’s one as a preview.


Children of Zanar Character Designs

Over on ArtStation, I’ve put up several images from my catalogue of character design studies for The Zanari Inheritance.

Find them here: https://tharcion.artstation.com/projects/oKK64

And, just for you guys, this is a desktop-sized wallpaper of the female characters:



Progress, or the Lack Thereof

Okay, I’ve finally had to admit to myself that I’m totally blocked on the Thaumatology book. With my house a building site and my concentration shot, I shouldn’t be expecting miracles, but I’m grinding in ever decreasing circles here and it’s time I stepped back and came at this from another angle at a later date. Basically, I’m delaying that book and trying something else to get myself back in the right frame of mind. Apologies to those hanging there waiting for more Ceri and Lily. I am, however, planning to do a full reissue of the Thaumatology series with the typos taken out and new covers, plus (assuming I can manage it) an omnibus collection which won’t be much use to most of you guys, but may bring in some new people who’ll press me for more.

So, I’ve started working on something else which I’m not going to say much about right now. I’m trying to put it out in the slot I was going to use for the Thaumatology book, likely in March. All I will give you is the render below. Make of that what you will.


New Thaumatology Models

I think I mentioned some new character models for the Thaumatology characters. I’ve posted them up on ArtStation and since we’re dealing with nudity and adult content and all that jazz, I’ll just provide a link here. NSFW, folks. You have been warned. 🙂

I Watched Frozen Yesterday

I made it a bit of a tradition to watch Frozen on Christmas night. That’s all I’m going to say about this one.


Happy Christmas

And for this special day, a Christmas half-succubus.


I’m doing a new Thaumatology story, so I’m working through new character models. This is the new Lily in a silly Christmas outfit. Because… Do I need a reason?

Halloween Witch

It’s that time of year: time for an unconventional witch.


In this case, a Gunwitch in a dress with cobweb patterns on it. More about her when the horror has died down. (Obviously, I mean moving house. Halloween isn’t scary anymore.)