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Bitter Wind


Bitter Wind, the second Death’s Handmaiden book, is now available.

The Girl Who Dreamed… Art Dump

Isekai Map 1

I’ve uploaded a load of images for the characters from ‘The Girl Who Dreamed…’ to ArtStation. Click on the map above to be taken there.

Included is the world map I built using Wonderdraft. It’s a program for building fantasy (and, I suppose, other types) maps for role-playing or whatever. The results aren’t bad and it’s fairly easy to use.

In other art news, I tried my hand at a simple animation recently. I may put it up somewhere at some point, though it’s not exactly great. 12 seconds of video at 1080p/30 fps resolution: 13 hours of rendering time.

In other writing news,  Death’s Handmaiden is going well. At this rate, it might get a sequel straight after because I can’t get the world out of my noggin. We’ll see.


Coming Sunday…


True Dark Artwork


I’ve put some of the character concept artwork for True Dark up on ArtStation (click on the image to go there. Pictured above is one of the Twilight redesigns which didn’t make the cut (though I do rather like it – the fishnets worked really well in this one).

The book will definitely be out on Saturday (the 4th of August) unless I have a sudden burst of energy and get it out a little sooner. This is your chance to find out what I thought the characters looked like before you read about them. Note: I’ve upgraded a bunch of models to Genesis 8, so they may look different to previous versions.

Guardian Cover Image

Guardian will be coming out real soon now. This is the fifth Ultrahumans book and it’s kind of a pair with the sixth, True Dark, which will be out around the beginning of August.

Guardian will, perhaps unsurprisingly, reveal the truth behind the Guardians, of which Cygnus is one. I decided that the cover should feature Cygnus and feature her it does.


There will be a bunch of new concept art going up once Guardian is out the door and I have True Dark thoroughly nailed down. I’ve got a cluster of new Ultras making their first appearance in True Dark. Things they are a changing.

As for what comes after these two… Well, right now all I’ve got a good fix on is another Ultrahumans book, tentatively titled Liberty, but three in a row is pushing my limits a little. We’ll see where I’m at once True Dark is finalised.

The Vanity Case


The Vanity Case is now available. This is the first Sondra Blake novel, about a detective and her partner working to solve cases of magical crime in an alternative New York City.

Fox Dominates


Book 8 in the Fox Meridian series is now out.

With new year, Fox Meridian is settling into her new position as the security and terrorism specialist of Palladium Security Solutions, and she’s finally getting over the death of her boyfriend. Then the violent murder of a vote broker throws Fox into a mire of sex and politics, and her friend Naomi Lind is in the hot seat.

Eden Burning


The seventh book in the Fox Meridian series is out now.

Paperback Writer

There is a new feature on the Amazon KDP system which is, apparently designed to promote their print-on-demand service. As some of you may know, I’ve played with PoD before and I came to the conclusion that, while it’s cool to have a print copy of a book I wrote, the sales aren’t really sufficient to justify the cost of formatting the document for print. It seems that Amazon are attempting to reduce the cost by using the same source file to produce the print copy, but I would need to produce appropriate artwork: the ebook cover would need to be enhanced, basically.

Now, I may try playing with this anyway, just to see what comes out of their new system, but I wanted to do a straw poll and see what people think. Is there an interest in physical copies of my books? Print tends to be more expensive, but it’s all Amazon so if you buy one from them you’d get a discount on the other format.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.