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Eden Burning


The seventh book in the Fox Meridian series is out now.


They Finally Did It

Just had to post this… Jodie Whittaker is to be the 13th Doctor. They finally did it and I have to say I’m looking forward to next season more than I was.

Huh. If they brought Bill back, which I don’t think they will, that’d make for an interesting dynamic. Not sure they’d go there, but… Another interesting thought is what they’ll do with the companion(s).

Well, Ms Whittaker was in Attack the Block, so she should be used to running and aliens.

Misfit Witchcraft


Now available, the next instalment of the Misfits series. I had absolutely no idea what to do for the cover of this, until this idea hit me this week. Honestly, I think it’s one of the better ones I’ve done, even if it’s a little dark in places.

Wild Speculation

There is now a page on the site which I will be barely looking at the Wild Speculation page. This is basically a place to post spoilers and speculations based on those spoilers. Big warning: DON’T GO NEAR IT unless you’ve read the books (or the ones you want to anyway).

This page is for you guys to post whatever you like in the way of theories and guesses about my books, the characters, the hanging threads you think I’ll pick up, the little hints you think I’ve left… Whatever. I am going to avoid responding unless something is so outrageously wrong I think it could actually hurt the plots, or I think someone’s wandered into “I’m not comfortable with that kind of behaviour” territory.

Get speculating.

Not Wild Speculation

In the not wild speculation category, I have been updating the What I’m Working On page. I think it’s about accurate now.

The big news there, really, is that I’ll be doing another Fox Meridian book once Misfit Witchcraft is in the proverbial can. This one will be called Eden Burning, and will feature the usual blend of technological crime and kickass heroine. Though this one is a little more action-packed than some of the others (I think, haven’t written it yet) and will, once again, result in a major upheaval in Fox’s life. I think I might be sending her to Mars in the book after this one (whenever that happens), to hunt for Martians. I just can’t let the girl have time off…

Misfit Magic

Okay, it’s out.



Celestia Help Me! I’m a Brony

Weird things happen when you watch YouTube’s recommended videos. And I blame Weird Al. Back when I used to play World of Warcraft I found this WoW video animation of his ‘Hardware Store’ song. (If you’re unaware of this ditty, go look it up on YouTube: it’s worth it just for the verbal gymnastics.) Recently, for whatever reason, the YouTube algorithm threw me a different Hardware Store animation, built out of clips for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Now, I’m old enough to remember when the MLP franchise started and it was very girly, but the clips made it look amusing and buck it if Netflix don’t have the first five seasons on stream…

So, I ended up binge-watching six seasons of MLP:FIM (I found the sixth to stream on Amazon), and four Equestria Girls films, and I’ve been smirking at the fandom-produced stuff on YouTube, DeviantArt, and a fanfic site… I’d hang my head in shame, but bronies are supposed to stand up proud. Whatever, I’m hooked. For a while anyway.

Now, the reason for this admission is that all this uplifting pony stuff percolating through my somewhat aberrant brain provoked an idea. The idea became a plot. The plot has become a book. I think I posted something saying I had a weird idea and I wasn’t sure it would work. Well, this is it and it’ll be out sometime next week. For those worried I’ve gone totally off the rails, there will be no ponies (in fact, the world in question doesn’t have any equines due to divergent evolution), but it does have dragons. A lot of dragons, though they aren’t exactly big scaled lizards most of the time… I should just let you read about it.

The new book is called Misfit Magic. It’s fantasy, obviously, set in a world with a weird mix of technologies and a fair bit of magic. It’s more traditional fantasy than urban fantasy, and I have no idea what categories I’m going to stuff it into for retail purposes, but Teen Fiction will not be one of them. And I have a cover which is quite bright for once…cover-book1-amazon

Oh, yeah, and it’s set in a girls’ school for magic. Oh… I have to write cover blurb for this… What was I thinking?!

Anyway, I’m looking at releasing this on the 5th or 6th of May, depending upon when I can get through the final edits, and when I can come up with a reasonable cover blurb. And I repeat: no ponies.

The Zanari Inheritance


The new book is out. The Zanari Inheritance is available on Smashwords now and Amazon soon. Apple iBooks, B&N, etc will follow when they’ve done their vetting thing.

Sorry to have been a bit silent about this one coming, but the last few weeks have been… interesting, and busy. I’ll post some more about this book and series in the near future, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy it.