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More Fox/V8

I’ve put together a small collection of some more Fox concept art I produced since I got the V8 version together. There’s not a bad pinup there, but for the digital art, “wow, that looks real” guys it’s also a great close-up of her face so you can see things like the tiny hairs along her jaw and ears which just add a hint of realism. Not sure why I bother with that kind of thing, tbh, because the book covers are usually rendered at a distance where you can’t tell… I didn’t think I was that much of a perfectionist.

You can find the pictures here. They are not suitable for work.

Genesis 8

Genesis 8 (female) is out with a load of clever new stuff… Usual marketing blurb… What can I do with it?

Well, Fox was my first G3/V7 character, so I figured I’d see if I could recreate her using G8/V8. It took… quite a while, but I got this in the end…


Looks pretty much like her, I think. I’ll probably play more tomorrow.

If you’re interested in how easy it was to build that (it wasn’t especially), the image links to DeviantArt, and there are more details in the comments under the picture there.

The News in Brief

This is a quick post to let you know what’s happening. It should have been a little longer and had the cover for The Ghost in the Doll in it, but I’m just looking at changing the cover, which is going to take several hours, so…

The Ghost in the Doll, the next Fox Meridian book will be out very soon, probably sometime tonight. My ability to sleep at night appears to have taken a holiday: I’m sleeping all sorts of weird hours and not exactly happy about it. Trying to get back to normal seems to be impossible at the moment (I’ve tried all the methods I know of and it ain’t happening), but it does mean I’ve all night to work on getting the book out.

That leaves me trying hard to get something ready for October. This is proving difficult and the one which is looking like it’s going to make it (currently) is from right out of left field. I’ll tell you more when I know for sure. I’m in the process of trying to move house at the moment, and that isn’t helping matters. I’m not sure when the physical move will happen, but that could provide more disruption. These things are sent to try us, right?

The Fox Resolution – Spoilers For Emergence

This post is related to a previous post, The Fox Dilema. It contains spoilers for Emergence, so if you haven’t read that book, stop reading now.

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Emergence Emerging

Emergence is up on Smashwords and Amazon.


Emergence Cover Emerges

I am aiming to have Emergence in the (virtual) shops by tomorrow noon. Given my fractured sleeping habits of late this is no mean feat and it might happen sooner.

One of the things which has been keeping me up at night is the cover. Okay, that’s a lie, what’s been keeping me up at night is the airless atmosphere, but the cover has taken a while to produce. Not saying it’s my best ever, but it’s probably my most ambitious. This thing has five layers in it! For a professional artist that’s chicken feed, but I get nervous when I have more than one layer.

Anyway, I hope you like it, and that it gives some hints/confuses you regarding the book.

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I Hate Summer

That’s probably¬†a bit strong, but summer gets to me. Summer, for those not in England, is something of a strange event. It’s kind of the same as winter, but warmer. Except that recently we’ve had drier winters. And then it turns around and boils you alive for two days before a sudden cold front blows in, just about the time you’d planned a picnic or you’re about to go on holiday to Brighton. (Brighton being a traditional place to holiday in England, though I couldn’t say why. I blame the Victorians.)

So, anyway, the weather is depressing. At night, it has a habit of remaining warm and humid. My sleeping habits could be described as ‘random at best’ most of the time, but recently my sleep has been more like the kind of thing chaotic system mathematicians salivate over. Add in a few other things that could be going better right now… sigh.

Why, you ask, am I telling you this? (If you haven’t asked then… I’m going to tell you anyway.) Well, my motivation is shot. The new Unobtainium book has stalled, partially because I had this other idea I want to flesh out a little, and partially because I can’t actually motivate myself to do much at all. This is a problem, but may not delay the book. It was slated for October anyway, and that’s plenty of time to get the thing in shape. I have two Fox Meridian books ready to go out this month and next which will hopefully keep you happy, and I might have something new to drop in later in the year because I think I’ll try a bit more of that sci-fi thing I mentioned to see whether the characters mesh before going back to Unobtainium-land.

This motivational issue is one of the reasons I’ve been quiet for a while. The other being that I didn’t have much to say. I should be reporting on the next Fox book soon, however. I’m going to need a cover… hmm.