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Fox 10 Art Dump


Click on the image to go to my ArtStation site for a few concept pictures I did for Dance with The Devil.

The Hellas Find Art Dump

As it turns out, I didn’t do a massive amount of new art for The Hellas Find. However, I’ve uploaded a few of the ones I did do to ArtStation. (Yes, including the purple dress.) Click on the image below to follow the link.


It’s Sunday in Australia!

Well, parts of Australia. Sydney, for example.


The Hellas Find (aka ‘Fox on Mars’) is now available.

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  • Amazon, ASIN B07LDC5G9B.

Coming Sunday…



twilight-75Here’s an interesting one. I was messing about with something with speech synthesis and I got it to pronounce ‘Andrea.’ You know, the real name of Twilight, Andrea Morgan. It said it in a way which I had not expected, and I was wondering how you, the readers, think it’s pronounced.

So, is it And-ree-ah, or An-dray-ah? Let me know in the comments.

True Dark Artwork


I’ve put some of the character concept artwork for True Dark up on ArtStation (click on the image to go there. Pictured above is one of the Twilight redesigns which didn’t make the cut (though I do rather like it – the fishnets worked really well in this one).

The book will definitely be out on Saturday (the 4th of August) unless I have a sudden burst of energy and get it out a little sooner. This is your chance to find out what I thought the characters looked like before you read about them. Note: I’ve upgraded a bunch of models to Genesis 8, so they may look different to previous versions.

Guardian Cover Image

Guardian will be coming out real soon now. This is the fifth Ultrahumans book and it’s kind of a pair with the sixth, True Dark, which will be out around the beginning of August.

Guardian will, perhaps unsurprisingly, reveal the truth behind the Guardians, of which Cygnus is one. I decided that the cover should feature Cygnus and feature her it does.


There will be a bunch of new concept art going up once Guardian is out the door and I have True Dark thoroughly nailed down. I’ve got a cluster of new Ultras making their first appearance in True Dark. Things they are a changing.

As for what comes after these two… Well, right now all I’ve got a good fix on is another Ultrahumans book, tentatively titled Liberty, but three in a row is pushing my limits a little. We’ll see where I’m at once True Dark is finalised.