About Witches and Ray-Guns

Witches and Ray-Guns is the more personal, rather than subject matter related, blog. Here I’ll be writing about my writing and there may be a few bits of actual opinion popping up now an again. Lastly, I’ll be posting things here which apply to lesser book series, all my series, and future projects which don’t relate to Aneka Jansen or the Thaumatology series.

19 responses to “About Witches and Ray-Guns

  1. Hi, I have just finished “reality hack”, got to say loved it. Been reading quite of few of your books and this one has topped them all. Thanks for writing and keep up the good work. As for how to categorise it, Id go with Harry Potter meets James Herbert and gets slaughtered, while MiB watch?
    Or has the James Herbert risen?

    Sequel please???

  2. I have read all your books and enjoyed all of them, as well as checking the site regularly. I feel it is time to take the next step to merging your blogs; creating a complete book list and shuting down the other blogs.

  3. Will there be any more Aneka Jansen books?

  4. This is my first note to you. I’ve read most of your stuff and like it. You and Nuttall are my two favorite authors atm.

    I’ve read the vampire story and love it. Is there a second one?
    The unobtainium story is awesome; looking for a second one there as well. 😉

    Thanks for your work. I am still struggling with my own series 😉

  5. I just bought & read the new Misfits book, and i really wanted to write some Fanmail to you about that. Sadly, i could not find your email address anywhere, so i guess this short Kudos and my Amazon Review have to suffice.

    • Thank you very much.
      I don’t hand out my email that often, but I’m always happy to receive comments here.
      If you haven’t discovered Goodreads yet, that’s also a good place to find many authors, even after Amazon took it over. 🙂

  6. So i just read Misfit Witchcraft, and it was about 20 percent cooler than the first Book (don’t think i didn’t catch that line). I’m not sure how you’re not getting sued for this blatant Fanfiction, but keep ’em coming.

  7. Graar. Stupid WP and stupid HTML. This MIGHT be a duplicate post because login problems.

    Short version. Possible erratum, plot anachronism, in Eden Burning. Is there a webpage or forum where you prefer to receive such posts? Are you interested in receiving them at all?
    Alt phrasing of this posted to you on Twitter.

    • The Wild Speculation page is probably best. While I say I don’t ready them, I get notified of every post, so if you head it up with ‘Possible plot problem’ or something, I’ll see that and take a proper read.

  8. Is this still where Fanmail goes? Cause i just finished Dominance and very much enjoyed it. After the more Action- and AI-Rights oriented ‘Eden Burning’ (which i also liked) it was a nice return to the focused Police Procedural the Series started on. And while the main one was quite unexpected, i also like where you took all the different relationships.

    Very much looking forward to whatever you write next.

    • Well, my ego is always happy to hear that kind of comment.
      I also noticed that the last couple of books have been out of band for the original style, which is why I did Dominance, and why I shifted Fox into a less political role.

  9. Guess it’s time to stroke your Ego again. Just finished Vanity Case and really, really liked it. While the setting is basically just a slightly lower tech Shadowrun, that doesn’t make it in any way bad, and since you more or less applied the same formula that already worked for the early Fox Books, it just worked again. I also really liked the whole “Orc-integration Angle”, and Jasmine was just hella cute. Definitely looking forward to further installments of this series, seems to have a lot of potential.

  10. Hello!!!
    I needto stroke your..ego, yes, and possibly masage your writing hand so it works faster! I just finished reading (and rave reviewing) your Misfits series which I found on kobo. I have passed on word to ravening hoards of now grown up fans of Tamora Pierce, JRR Tolkien, Christopher Nuttall, JK Rowling, etc but PLEASE will you write more of the series? Bigger, faster, harder, oh you get the idea! Speaking as one of the ravening hoards . . .
    More Misfits! More Misfits! More Misfits!
    Your world building is superlative, and your story line and storyquality in general, doesnt suffer for it either, a rare and beautiful gift I cherish in an author! Thankyou so much for creating the Misfits world that I enjoy so very much!!
    In feedback, I note to you that despite the mentions of “full draco form” coming along with marriage rights at around 100 to 150 age range, and human form kept between birth and 12-19 at which point scaled form which has colour, added size and can fly, becomes an option to use at will, I did not realise until book two that there were NO WINGS on the girls in their sexy scales form! What with it being all so dragony, wings going with flight abilities and scales seemed obvious (to me!)
    I apologise for my misinterpretation, and I would like to ask ‘why no wings in scaled form?’ Or are they there and we just havent heard about them properly, kept shut except when flying, clothes worn around them an ongoing ageless style, enabling you to change form from fully human to scaled without wrecking an outfit? Lol.
    It is generally known that the physics behind dragons and angels and humans with wings would have them unable to lift their hypothetical body weight, leaving any such critters ability for winged shenanigans only due to ‘magic’ or similar, thus wings being used for myriad other purposes, while still the first and most essenntial, most importantly, for flying while buoyed up by magic. Specifically wings being for flight control, speed, pitch, yaw, thrust, flaps down, deceleration etc!! Controlling the magic in the ether.
    Now, if I am picturing you misfits correctly, in scaled form they are bigger, stronger, clawed, scaled and with hair in their colour, yet their flight style is reminiscent of Superman? Do I have that right?

    Thankyou again for the fantastic Misfits series and I hope you do publish lots more of them, and in more than just e-format, so that my local geeky haunt in Perth, Western Australia, White Dwarf Books, can stock them!
    Also, I’d like access to cheap mass paperbacks too because I help run our local Scifi Fantasy Convention, called GenghisCon, proudly the most affordable convention in Western Australia, and I want to make this series the ‘mandatory reading’ for discussion panels once the series is big enough, for either the Con coming: mid Jan 2018 or for 2019, depending on how long it would take for at least another 2 books to come out. Find me on Facebook and p/m me via Messenger please, if you want to contact me? I see email very rarely.

    All the best, and many Giant, Macaw feathered hugs, to you from my flock
    (Just imagine a Tangle-Cat in THOSE feather colours! I do! Perhaps from the further reaches- jungle climes?) and I !😊😊😊

    • The full dragon forms have wings, the other forms don’t. This is one of those things that comes to rationalisation, and you mention my problems with flying dragons yourself. Dragons cannot possibly fly because they have wings. They can fly because they’re magical creatures and the wings act as flight control surfaces. So, the fact that dragons can fly without wings in the intermediary form works because they don’t actually need wings to fly. Hope that makes sense.

  11. Robert Kaliski

    I think that the conventional version of a dragon could fly if his anatomy was built light enough .like a bird. Magic could enhance thrust while the wings created lift and roll. Soaring would be the most efficent way to fly traveling from thermal to thermal for hundreds of miles. Gliders in the Rocky mountains get up high enough to fly in the airliner flight levels over 25,000ft agl. With magic as the main source of thrust a dragon could possibly approach the sound barrier in a dive . I wouldn’t want to be near a landing or departing dragon on takeoff. The wingtip vorticies would be like miniature tornados combined with the downwash of a heavy lift helicopter. Seeing the contrails coming off the wings of a speeding dragon in humid weather would be an awsome sight.

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