The Sojourn

I don’t normally advertise competition, but this looks like it could be an interesting thing, and you can get in on the ground floor! (That was cringeworthy.)

Some of you may know the YouTube channel ‘Spacedock.’ They do analysis videos of science fiction films, TV series, game worlds, etc. I couldn’t say I always agree with those analyses, but the videos are generally entertaining and make some good points about the practicality of the settings and especially the ships from those settings. Spacedock is currently running Kickstarter campaign to fund a planned audio novel series (with 2D/3D artwork to illustrate it), called ‘The Sojourn.’ If you check out the campaign (link above), you can watch the pilot episode and see if you think it’s something you might like. If you’ve got some spare cash, consider backing them. It’s funded to the second stretch goal at time of writing, so it looks like it’s a done deal, and the makers seem pretty motivated to produce what they say they will.

4 responses to “The Sojourn

  1. it seems like a cool project, though the stretch goals are a bit meh imo. Also I worry how developed the plot really can be if they have a stretch goal for 1 extra episode

    • From what I’ve seen, the plot is developed. I could even throw out a guess at where it will go (but I won’t). What they actually need to do is flesh the world out better so they can finalise the details of the story. Plus, it’s a Kickstarter for ‘season one’ which suggests more seasons (assuming season one pans out, I’d imagine).

  2. Could we have an update on next Fox please?

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