The Hellas Find Art Dump

As it turns out, I didn’t do a massive amount of new art for The Hellas Find. However, I’ve uploaded a few of the ones I did do to ArtStation. (Yes, including the purple dress.) Click on the image below to follow the link.


11 responses to “The Hellas Find Art Dump

  1. Thank you very much. Is “Hells Find” intentional?

  2. Picture reminds me of Mass Effect

    • Probably my favourite game of all time. However, any similarity is purely coincidental.

      • Mine too!!!! I love ME 1, and 2, ME3 I sorta like – as for ME Andromeda – less said the better – Devs should have hired you to write the plot.

    • Heh, I didnt see that until I read your comment. Im even doing an Insanity play through of the trilogy right now. Some games nostalgia tells you it was better than it actually is when you go back and play it again, ME trilogy is just as good as it was the first time I played.

  3. A drunk Tali Zorah blubbering to Shepard was one of my favorite moments.

  4. I saw online recently where someone after almost ten years of playing ME1, found an outcome that they had never seen before. It was with Admin. Noleis and the female cop.

  5. Any idea on when we might expect Fox 10? (I know, I know, don’t jog the author’s elbow!!!

  6. Thanks for update!!

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