It’s Sunday in Australia!

Well, parts of Australia. Sydney, for example.


The Hellas Find (aka ‘Fox on Mars’) is now available.

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  • Amazon, ASIN B07LDC5G9B.

20 responses to “It’s Sunday in Australia!

  1. wow, I really did not expect this today, cheers. Thought for sure I would have to wait until tomorrow (am at CEST, so 3 pm right now)

    • I woke up awake this morning. Believe me, that’s been rare recently. I had the energy to get through everything that needed doing so…

      • As odd as that sentence sounds I know what you mean. Most days I wake up hating whatever sadists invented alarm clocks, but some days my eyes pop open and I feel like small animals are about to break out in song about “what a beautiful day to get work done” it is

  2. whooo hoooooo!!!!

  3. Pancakes and a new book, good morning. Not too far in yet, but its always nice to see “flashlight’ used when appropriate instead of “torch”. As an American it always is a bit jarring when an American character uses incorrect terms. But…Jonathan Carter, really? Some authors name drop and it seems forced, having Fox acknowledge it just made it rather funny.

    • I got the torch/flashlight thing worked out fairly early on.
      Uh, there are some far less obvious sci-fi references in there, if you keep looking.

      • I don’t really notice the nouns that much. Torch, tarmac, etc all just auto-translate for me. It’s verb usage that still jumps out me. The window’s broken, UK usage is bust window, US usage is busted window. It is what it is. 🙂

  4. Got it …

  5. Yay! It’s Christmas com early! Thanks Niall!

  6. Thanks
    Now I have something to use an an excuse to avoid doing the chores around the house.

  7. Yeap, definitely Sunday in Sydney. Thanks!

  8. Loved it!!!! Got most of the references as well!!! (not giving specifics as don’t want to give spoilers!!!

  9. “She doubted the wind did much howling.”

    If you’re interested in what Martian wind really sounds like, you can hear it at .

  10. So when do we get to see Fox’s new haircut?

  11. Leaving this here since it’s Mars related and thought you might find it interesting. Cheers!

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