Coming Sunday…


10 responses to “Coming Sunday…

  1. The new Fox? Cool! And just in time for Christmas.

  2. Fox on Mars (I assume), can’t wait.

  3. Can be a bit cheeky by asking for Sunday Australian time 😜

  4. Click on wrong bookmark, find out a book I thought wasnt due til next month is out in two days. Sometimes not paying attention pays off. Oh, and an unreasonable hour in Australia has a nice chance of being a reasonable time for me, so feel free to be unreasonable 🙂

  5. Your site is letting scam pop up ads through. WP problem? I first thought it might be Goodreads, but no, loaded your announcement link directly in safari. Bogus “Congrats! You’ve won!” popup. Thought you should know.
    Great to hear of the new title (I’m hoping you meant Sun the 16th, since I just got the notification email today the 20th? Going to Amazon after hitting post! ^.^

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