NaNot Going So Well

Six days of actual writing and my NaNoWriMo project is not going so well. I still think the idea is a good one, so I may come back to it. For now, however, it’s a dud.

So, instead of that, I’m going to work up a plot for the tenth Fox book and see if I can get 50k words of that written before the end of November. Three weeks for 50k. Done it before.

13 responses to “NaNot Going So Well

  1. am in favor of more Fox. I think she is my favorite among your protagonists, though that is largely cause I am excited about her grabbing the potentials found in transhumanism with both hands instead of living a pale imitation of biological life

  2. OK, picture a man with stupid hair, an idiotic smile, and a slightly fanatical look in his eyes…..”Aliens”. Or, actually just leave the aliens and space travel to Aneke and give Fox another weird serial killer to hunt and Ill be happy. Shes a detective in a slightly dystopian near future sci fi setting, would rather not see alien or space exploration type elements make it into the series, its not needed. Fox transferring to another body to investigating a murder on an outpost or station in the outer solar system would be about as close to space travel as Id like to see.

    Some expansion on the thread of rights and citizenship for infomorphs, and development of Kit and other nonhuman recurring characters as independent people would be nice to see. We havent seen Valdi for a few books either, and still dont know his story. Fox and Kit coming to his rescue in some way, and learning all about where he came from and who he is would be an interesting second plot line to a main Fox tracks a killer story.

    • Well, you’re in luck. Fox is off to Mars next. Oh, and the non-human rights bill will be passing in the 10th book.

      • I was thinking about societal impact with the bill passing. You know idiots are gonna freak when it goes into effect. Good parallel would be what happened here in America after the civil war. Slavery was legally abolished but the underlying racism didnt just disappear and former slave states started passing laws(Jim Crow laws) targeting former slaves and restricting their rights. Took almost a century for that legal mess to even come close to getting cleared up, and the societal aspect is still ongoing to a degree.

      • Yeah, that’s the kind of thing that interests me too.

  3. Valdi is the overwatch program for NIX

  4. Any update on possible release of next fox book?
    BTW, perhaps Kit and Fox could investigate a Counterfeiting/Money Laundering/Mob Killing in a future book? Might give a great amount of depth to existing world

    • Fox 9, The Hellas Find will be out around the middle of December.
      I’ve addressed organised crime in Japan, but not in America. I’ll think about it. There may be a spin-off book concerning the yakusa in the near future. We’ll see how the planning goes on that. It’ll be crime and competitive e-sport if it happens.

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