True Dark Artwork


I’ve put some of the character concept artwork for True Dark up on ArtStation (click on the image to go there. Pictured above is one of the Twilight redesigns which didn’t make the cut (though I do rather like it – the fishnets worked really well in this one).

The book will definitely be out on Saturday (the 4th of August) unless I have a sudden burst of energy and get it out a little sooner. This is your chance to find out what I thought the characters looked like before you read about them. Note: I’ve upgraded a bunch of models to Genesis 8, so they may look different to previous versions.

25 responses to “True Dark Artwork

  1. Cecil Montague

    Looking forward to the new book and finding out who those new faces are. Captain Freedom looks like he’s a dab of blue away from a Marvel lawsuit though 🙂

  2. No costume for June? I was hoping …

    • June’s there. (I’m cracking an evil grin right now.)

      • The mystery character in the last image is June with a change of hair color maybe? Only other option I see is Junes super hero identity being a secretary in a pinstripe dress. And not sure about Cygnus with the blue tinge, looks a bit odd to me as her thing has always been white and silver. Unless Im forgetting something from Guardian? Dunno, read too damn much to always remember those details.

      • You’re not forgetting something about Guardian, but there’s something not terribly obvious about the new costume. It will become clearer in True Dark.

        In that group shot there’s one mystery character in the middle, and one other we haven’t seen in a costume yet. I know, because I have that picture as my desktop background.

      • Gimme, gimme … can’t wait. 🙂

  3. So June is Astraea? With the blonde hair being part of her secret identity? Cool… I think

  4. I like the Frostburn suit.

    • It’s a good one. Not, I hasten to add, my own work. I suck at modelling. Interestingly, it’s called Leviathan, the name for an ‘unstoppable monstrosity’ in the Ultrahumans universe.

  5. Michael Rixman

    No mask needed for Twilight? I will need to read more about THIS development!

  6. Am I missing something or does Astraea’s wig change her skin colour?

    • Nope, but I changed the base model I used from Genesis 3 to Genesis 8. The skin tone has changed a little, though lighting affects that quite a lot too.

      • The same for Svetilo. I didn’t know Russians can acquire that kind of dark olive tan… I tried to find a reference in the books but you seem to avoid saying something about skin color when you introduce characters…

      • Svetilo’s been spending a lot of time on a tanning bed. Not absolutely happy with the way she came out, tbh. Her eyes look awesome, but I wish I could have found a better skin tone for her. Maybe some day…

  7. Just a question about the “mysterious character” Is her alter ego someone we already know?

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