Misfit Witchart

You asked for it, so I did it. Mostly. Someone wanted a picture of the tanglecats and, sorry, but my modelling isn’t up to feathered cats. My modelling is barely up to cubes and planes. Sorry this took a while to get done; I’ve been up to my eyeballs in getting the next Fox book sorted.

Anyway, more Misfits artwork, including Ramona, Azuria, Cadenza, Scintilla Rainshadow, and some Krystal-in-scales shots, including the concept art for the epilogue scene.


30 responses to “Misfit Witchart

  1. Frankie Gouge

    Man, you just keep getting better and better at this. That is damn good.

  2. A little cheating with Krystal and Cadenza in dracoform side by side… πŸ™‚ You at least could have given them different shoes. But the final shot is really, really great. Wardrobe malfunction is looming.

  3. Krystal would wear Morticia’s wardrobe? And that waist has got to hurt.

    It’s always interesting to see your artwork, mostly because it’s so different from what I’m picturing in my head from the descriptions you give.

    (That might just be my imagination though. Although descriptions are important – I remember I gave up on some book once where, after four chapters, I still had no idea about what any of the characters looked like or even wore. Descriptions are *important*.)

    Since you mentioned the Fox book … do you happen to have an approximate date yet? The withdrawal shakes are setting in…

    • That corset comes with a morph which narrows the waist in a reasonably realistic manner. It’s supposed to be a steel-boned corset. And they did hurt. That’s the kind of thing that caused broken ribs and fainting.
      I understand what you mean about descriptions. Not knowing what a character is supposed to look like annoys me too. I like to try to give at least a brief (sometimes very brief) description for everyone you meet, but I don’t always get there with minor characters for pacing.

      Next Fox book, ‘Eden Burning’ is due out in early September. Probably the first weekend.

  4. The Krystal renders are very nice. I LIKE her draco form. In the back of the book you mention that not only are you working on the new Fox book but still plan to bring out two Ultrahuman books 2017/18 and a Unobtanium book this year. Are these still on track, especially the Unobtanium story?

    • I should’ve corrected that. I must not have noticed when I was updating that section. I can say the Ultrahumans one is on track, since I’ll likely get there in 2018, but the Unobtainium one is stalled. I have two Fox books to come out this year (one done, one being written). I’m not absolutely sure what’s after that, but I suspect it’ll appear in January, so that’s the schedule through the end of this year.

  5. PS. Just updated the ‘What I’m Working On’ page, the best place to find out what’s going on, when I remember to update it. I’m trying to remember to do it on time. Honest. πŸ™‚

  6. Holy crap dude!! Fine job! I was kind of kidding about Nightshade, but I did really want to see the others. I just didn’t expect all this! Wow! πŸ‘

  7. All the shots are great. The Krystal with effects shot dropped my jaw, but that shot of her as an Indigo in that dress… if that walked into a party I was at I think I would lose my ability to stand.

  8. Poor Charity…

  9. Talking about the Fox books I’ve sort of been expecting to see her on a real starship at some point…along with Kit and probably other AIs. Perfect solution for the long time spent traveling between stars sublight.

    • I don’t think we’ll be seeing her on an interstellar journey any time soon. You’re right that it would be the perfect solution for that kind of travel in a setting without FTL, but it would effectively take her out of the picture forever.
      However, you will be seeing her on a spaceship at some point. Several spaceships, actually, however, the one I’m thinking of needs some planning before it happens. It’s a way off yet, just from the in-universe timeline.

  10. Well if she did go off on a interstellar journey she could return in a few thousand or million years and discover that cats (rather than apes) were now the evolved ruling species…

    • Been done. Something to do with a red mining ship 3 million years from Earth…
      Maybe if it was foxes. Planet of the Kitsune?

      • Red Dwarf?

      • Ben C wins the no-prize!

      • Re: done before,

        Maybe you could have Fox defending Earth from aliens using an advanced fighter launched from a submarine. (Slightly more obscure than the red mining ship :D)

        Did Terri hide any Easter Eggs in Fox’s code. Would she respond to “klaatu barada nikto”?

      • Ben, you are going to want to check Fox 7 fairly carefully, because while there is not a submarine for Fox to be launched from, there is a reference to that show.
        Fox probably would respond to that particular phrase, but it would likely involve something “Pitiful human, that’s not the passphrase. Kill the meatbag.” Because those infomorphs taking over the world jokes are never going to get old.

      • Good to know. I’m looking forward to it.

  11. Will there be another misfits book?

  12. Any artwork of Kristal and Trudy draco form showing feathers?

  13. Do you think of the misfits as all having an English accent? I can almost hear Cadenza speaking Marina Sitiris’s real voice not the made up accent in STTNG

  14. Will there be another misfits book?

  15. When will you bring out the third book and explain about Theodore Marin actions at the school? He has to be behind everything going on at the school.

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