More Fox/V8

I’ve put together a small collection of some more Fox concept art I produced since I got the V8 version together. There’s not a bad pinup there, but for the digital art, “wow, that looks real” guys it’s also a great close-up of her face so you can see things like the tiny hairs along her jaw and ears which just add a hint of realism. Not sure why I bother with that kind of thing, tbh, because the book covers are usually rendered at a distance where you can’t tell… I didn’t think I was that much of a perfectionist.

You can find the pictures here. They are not suitable for work.


12 responses to “More Fox/V8

  1. IMHO Fox is really not the type for long hair, apart from working undercover perhaps. But the new software is really good. Was there even a nipple somewhere?

    • Technically a virtual nipple. There’s a reflection, which is a virtual image… in a virtual image, given that it’s constructed by mapping light onto a virtual surface. A meta-virtual nipple? Possibly I’m overthinking this.
      I did have one long-haired variant which did look really good. Tied back into a ponytail and with a straight fringe. Looks great, but it doesn’t work with V8 and it was one of those ideas I’ll probably never go with anyway. We experiment, we try things, we grumble over lack of results. The scientific method.

  2. Perhaps it’s time to think of having a closeup on the cover, with a scene from the storyline in the background?

    • Hmm… I’ll keep it in mind. I think I already know what the cover for the next book is going to look like (unlike the next misfits one, which I’m going to need to sort out soon) and it’s going to be a distance shot, but I may change my mind.
      Actually, a close-up gives me a clever idea, but I think it’s too subtle to work. Might try it and see, but setting it up would probably be painful.

  3. can you tell me what package do you use with your daz studio ??? as i am trying it out, myself

    • Not quite sure what you mean by package, but…
      Most of my renders come straight out of DAZ Studio, no postwork. If I ever need to do postwork, for the lettering on covers for example, I use The GIMP.
      All my renders these days are done with the IRay engine; I just prefer the results to 3Delight.
      I am something of a content whore, though I am trying to cut back a little. I have a bad habit of picking up all sorts of things which, when it comes down to it, rarely get used. If memory serves, you get the basic components to put together some renders with Studio, but you’ll be pretty limited.
      All these renders use the Genesis 8/Victoria 8 model. I bought the Victoria 8 Pro pack, which is not especially cheap, but it’s something of a bargain when you consider the various extras. The other thing about buying the pro packs is that they put in an ‘anatomy’ component which means your character doesn’t look like Barbie ‘down there.’ If you’re serious about making your own characters, you also need the face- and body-morph packs which allow you customise the figures far more than the basic models do (bust size is the obvious thing here, but Fox has a lot of face tweaks to make her look the way she does). Those packs are extra, over and above the pro pack; a lot of people stick with bought-in characters.
      Some of the clothes in these images come from my G3 collection. It’s simple enough to transfer most clothes from G3 to G8 (shoes are bad to transfer). Fox’s skin is actually from a G3 character; G8 models can wear G3 skin, but that’s less of an issue if you’re just starting. Equally, Victoria 7/Genesis 3 Female, has a lot of stuff available on the DAZ site and other places, and G3 works perfectly well. You could pick up Victoria 7, she may be on offer, or not, rather than Victoria 8 who is new and with relatively little support as yet.
      This is getting long, and wall-of-text. I’ll stop and you can ask questions.

      Oh, one other thing: there are some pretty good tutorial videos on the DAZ YouTube channel. I wish I’d had them when I first started.

  4. Love the new pics of Fox, that impractical armor looks good especially since she has that new armored body. Looking forward to the new Fox story.

  5. Omg the details are amazing

  6. The details are indeed, amazing. The fuzz on the jawline, and the eyes look good, which is always challenging. Kudos!

  7. Pictures with V8 looks amazing, but you know what this means? Time for a new banner picture!

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