Hot; too hot

The United Kingdom has a unique climate. Our weather tends to avoid the extremes you see in Europe. We don’t (usually) get the real highs or lows. I’ve sat in summer temperatures in the Netherlands which were over 30C (86F) while the UK was in the 20s. This is great, most of the time, but it means that when we do get extremes, we aren’t set up to cope.

We don’t get real highs, so we don’t have air conditioning. Oh, I could really go for air conditioning right now. I was cooler in Arizona in the summer.

Hot… Too hot…


24 responses to “Hot; too hot

  1. I bought a portable air conditioner from Curry’s two years ago for this very reason.

    Right now I feel like I should marry it.

  2. Ask me we have 32°C and i’m waring boots and loge trousers becaus its my worke uniform an no my home dosn’t have an air con either

    • I have this pathological dislike of shorts after having to wear them as school uniform.
      Besides, if I went outside in shorts, people would be blinded by the glare off my skinny, white legs.

      • Well thats your choice but im wairing black steelcapt boots up to my shin for work so its gets even hoter

  3. Grab a styrofoam cooler, cut two holes in the top, duct tape a small fan to one hole so it’s blowing into the cooler, then fill the cooler with ice or ice packs and turn the fan on. Quick and dirty single-room AC unit for cheap.

  4. Well it’s a cool 9C here in Sydney in the middle of winter with a top predicted of 19C. Last summer our temps got up to around 43C…And yes, shorts are the only way to go in a Sydney.

    • Oh, my dad’s a big cricket fan and, you know, since you lot keep trouncing our lot, I have a deep understanding of Australian summer fashion. Shorts and nose guards. Though, if you got me in Australia, I’d be wearing full tactical NBC gear: I know what the wildlife is like over there too. 🙂

  5. If you want to brave the eldritch horrors in Puget Sound, come to Seattle and cool off. 22 C is the expected high for tomorrow.

    If you get really desperate, wear a wet cotton shirt for the evaporative cooling.

  6. What the dive bombing magpies, funnel web spiders in your shoes, black and brown snakes in the backyard, sharks in the sea. Funny enough the most dangerous beastie in Oz is a minute jellyfish that you can’t see until it stings you and you can remain in agony for years if you don’t just drop dead…there’s a book in that.

    • I think I’ve seen something about that jellyfish. Don’t they swarm? As for the funnel web spiders: my favourite fact was that they really liked building webs in outside toilets.
      Meanwhile, as I recall, the most toxic snake in the world is a sea snake with a mouth so small it would need to bite you on the webbing between your fingers or something, but it did it’s ‘lights out, Gracie.’ And there’s this stunningly beautiful, very small octopus which will turn your lights out with one bite.
      It all goes to show, lethal things come in small packages.

      • The jellyfish are called irukandji. The octopus is called a blue-ring octopus. Lights up with fluorescent blue rings when threatened. Likes to hide in things and get stepped on at low tide.

        Funny thing is Australians aren’t satisfied with the things we already have – we need to make up more deadly things. You know, like drop-bears. Just because.

      • Every culture likes to make up more deadly horrors. You guys just have a higher baseline to work from. 🙂

      • Just remember to watch out for the horses,

        and traffic, of course.

      • I’d just like to point out that I have a healthy respect for horses of all types, given that riding a horse is one of the most dangerous activities you can undertake. (My ex’s broken back being case in point, though she did recover from that, even if she looks like Wolverine on an x-ray.)
        Horses are dangerous, though ponies are worse. Malign creatures. All the capacity for violence of a horse, but in a maliciously cute package. And that isn’t even counting the ones that shoot rainbow lasers at you! 😛

      • Hey now don’t diss the Ponys or horses in gennereal is you treat them right they can be your best freind

  7. Just can’t help thinking of a film I saw years ago called eight legged freaks 🙂

  8. Cecil Montague

    Reminds me of a line from a Terry Pratchett book “There are very few venomous snakes on the continent of Ecks Ecks Ecks Ecks. This is because they have all been eaten by the venomous spiders.”

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