Genesis 8

Genesis 8 (female) is out with a load of clever new stuff… Usual marketing blurb… What can I do with it?

Well, Fox was my first G3/V7 character, so I figured I’d see if I could recreate her using G8/V8. It took… quite a while, but I got this in the end…


Looks pretty much like her, I think. I’ll probably play more tomorrow.

If you’re interested in how easy it was to build that (it wasn’t especially), the image links to DeviantArt, and there are more details in the comments under the picture there.


11 responses to “Genesis 8

  1. what software are you useing ??

  2. That picture looks GREAT. All those details along the thighs and knees are gorgeous.

    • It’s amazing what the newfangled computers can do these days. Of course, this is all in preparation for when they take over and stuff all the humans in zoos.
      I, for one, welcome our synthetic overladies!

  3. Fox definitely looks good there, I like the new look

  4. Very realistic for a computer generated image, the only thing throwing me off is the calves and that wouldn’t be as big a problem if the rest wasn’t so good.

    • Are you thinking the calf muscles look too large/thick/whatever?

      • Does IRay support subsurface scattering? That would probably make the thighs’ outline look a bit softer.

      • It does, and it’s enabled on that skin texture (IIRC). I actually checked the old model against the new model and she’s always had calf muscles like an Olympic runner. It’s nothing new. It does make sense since she’s quite the trained woman and does have muscle enhancement, but I don’t recall noticing it before.
        Possibly, and this is definitely a total guess, the lighting and pose make it more obvious, but now I’m seeing it in just about every render I do. I could and may trim her calves down a little. I may go find some photographs of real athletes and see what the calf development looks like and think ‘okay, well, that’s how she should be built.’

  5. Excellent nth new look I find she stands out more in this picture

  6. Very nice. Technology advances are really reducing the “uncanny valley” effect. Well, technology and your talents.

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