Wild Speculation

There is now a page on the site which I will be barely looking at the Wild Speculation page. This is basically a place to post spoilers and speculations based on those spoilers. Big warning: DON’T GO NEAR IT unless you’ve read the books (or the ones you want to anyway).

This page is for you guys to post whatever you like in the way of theories and guesses about my books, the characters, the hanging threads you think I’ll pick up, the little hints you think I’ve left… Whatever. I am going to avoid responding unless something is so outrageously wrong I think it could actually hurt the plots, or I think someone’s wandered into “I’m not comfortable with that kind of behaviour” territory.

Get speculating.

Not Wild Speculation

In the not wild speculation category, I have been updating the What I’m Working On page. I think it’s about accurate now.

The big news there, really, is that I’ll be doing another Fox Meridian book once Misfit Witchcraft is in the proverbial can. This one will be called Eden Burning, and will feature the usual blend of technological crime and kickass heroine. Though this one is a little more action-packed than some of the others (I think, haven’t written it yet) and will, once again, result in a major upheaval in Fox’s life. I think I might be sending her to Mars in the book after this one (whenever that happens), to hunt for Martians. I just can’t let the girl have time off…


3 responses to “Wild Speculation

  1. Both new books will be welcome. Glad to read about another Fox book coming out. I’ll leave speculation to the Speculation page.

  2. Do you have approximate release dates for these books? I promise not to hold you to them…

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