Misfits Character Art

I’ve put some of the character concept artwork I did for the Misfits books up on ArtStation. Later today I should be doing a post about the setting (yet another attempt to provide useful information for readers) and the book itself should appear either late tonight or early tomorrow. I’m going through it one last time to check some dates I had to alter at the last minute.

You can find the pictures here.

But here’s one as a preview.



19 responses to “Misfits Character Art

  1. Cecil Montague

    Attractive women with amazing powers and a pathological aversion to wearing bras. It’s like the first season of Charmed all over again. 🙂

    • I don’t remember them being especially braless in Charmed. Then again, I didn’t really keep up with Charmed too well. It was one of those things where the theme tune was better than the programme. The first few seasons of ST: Voyager were the same.

      • driver935965

        7 of 9 😀

      • I don’t actually think it was Seven who made it worth watching. It so happens that she was brought in by a new set of writers who, I think, new what they were doing. The latter half of Voyager remains the only ST series I can actually rewatch (though I do pick the episodes).

        But Jeri Ryan didn’t exactly hurt the series either.

  2. Lovely picture …

  3. Hmm, I like the character study of Celestina Nightsky best. Less IS More. Not that I don’t mind Charity in latex.

  4. Hmm in the art station the blue you have listed is Charleigh is this the same one in the book that you called Charlotte? love the looks as always, got something for tonight at work to read 🙂

    • Charlotte was named Charleigh until a very late edit. The image names still have the old name on them, but the captions are correct.

      • okay cool… I noticed one of them called Felicity – Filicity as well 🙂 Love the images and enjoying the story… I think Charly will be my favorite like her look and can empathize with her love of flying without a craft lol

      • Felicia the one with the alternate school uniform when you click save image as it comes up Filicia.

      • Yes, Felicia was spelled Filicia when I first wrote it down. That got changed far earlier, however. The alternate spelling is retained in the label of her character model, as it happens, though I changed the two file names. (Everyone has two model files, one in normal form and one in dracoform.) Charley’s files and models are still called Charleigh; I really must change them.

  5. Love the pictures love the supermanpose whilst flying can not wait to read

  6. How the heck shoud i now al my fling characters have wings and it is called superman pose becaus he was the first to strike it

  7. Did you remake those Pictures. I seem to remember that there wasn’t that background behind Krystal.

    • The table and such? No, that’s always been there. (I actually did that picture to see what the various things in the alchemy model looked like.)

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