Celestia Help Me! I’m a Brony

Weird things happen when you watch YouTube’s recommended videos. And I blame Weird Al. Back when I used to play World of Warcraft I found this WoW video animation of his ‘Hardware Store’ song. (If you’re unaware of this ditty, go look it up on YouTube: it’s worth it just for the verbal gymnastics.) Recently, for whatever reason, the YouTube algorithm threw me a different Hardware Store animation, built out of clips for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Now, I’m old enough to remember when the MLP franchise started and it was very girly, but the clips made it look amusing and buck it if Netflix don’t have the first five seasons on stream…

So, I ended up binge-watching six seasons of MLP:FIM (I found the sixth to stream on Amazon), and four Equestria Girls films, and I’ve been smirking at the fandom-produced stuff on YouTube, DeviantArt, and a fanfic site… I’d hang my head in shame, but bronies are supposed to stand up proud. Whatever, I’m hooked. For a while anyway.

Now, the reason for this admission is that all this uplifting pony stuff percolating through my somewhat aberrant brain provoked an idea. The idea became a plot. The plot has become a book. I think I posted something saying I had a weird idea and I wasn’t sure it would work. Well, this is it and it’ll be out sometime next week. For those worried I’ve gone totally off the rails, there will be no ponies (in fact, the world in question doesn’t have any equines due to divergent evolution), but it does have dragons. A lot of dragons, though they aren’t exactly big scaled lizards most of the time… I should just let you read about it.

The new book is called Misfit Magic. It’s fantasy, obviously, set in a world with a weird mix of technologies and a fair bit of magic. It’s more traditional fantasy than urban fantasy, and I have no idea what categories I’m going to stuff it into for retail purposes, but Teen Fiction will not be one of them. And I have a cover which is quite bright for once…cover-book1-amazon

Oh, yeah, and it’s set in a girls’ school for magic. Oh… I have to write cover blurb for this… What was I thinking?!

Anyway, I’m looking at releasing this on the 5th or 6th of May, depending upon when I can get through the final edits, and when I can come up with a reasonable cover blurb. And I repeat: no ponies.


26 responses to “Celestia Help Me! I’m a Brony

  1. “quite bright” and quite braless as well. I’m looking forward to that.

    • That’s partially because getting bras under those shirts is a real pain to get right in the render. The two toward the front do actually wear them.

    • Like the Saki-verse, except for bras instead of panties. Can’t argue with that.

      • I had to look that one up. If we’re being pedantic, none of the models on the cover are wearing any underwear, but that’s because you wouldn’t be able to see knickers and it’s just extra, unseen geometry for the render engine to handle. The characters do wear underwear, at least some of the time.

  2. Cool, I look forward to picking it up and reading it. Any news about the other series?

    • Not at the moment. My head’s stuffed full of adorably cute ponies. That might mean I crack the problem with the next Thaumatology book soon, but I’m not promising anything. I’ll probably flip back to sci-fi sometime soon, but I’m not totally sure when that’s going to happen. My mind is generally in some form of quantum superposition and you never can tell when the waveform will collapse.

  3. totally awesome, new book to read…
    rereading thmaturgy books at the mo…

  4. Oh good! I’ve been hoping for a new book from you soon.

  5. LOL! Looking forward to seeing this book, although I’m a bit sorry it’s not another Thaumatology, or Zatanari book.

  6. LOL! Looking forward to seeing this book, although I’m a bit sorry it’s not another Thaumatology, or Zatanari, or Ultrahumans book.

  7. Looks like its going to be fun! And got me thinking of dragon riders of pern will have to dig them out to keep me going 🙂

  8. Guys, guys! It Z-a-n-a-r-i! Damn.
    Oh yeah this one look fun, Niall and I hope those chicks on the cover got humor lol.

  9. New book is awesome, no matter what!

    MLP is a lot like the Avatar: Last Airbender. Kids shows, but also with very good moral stories and plots. A lot to take away even as an adult.

  10. So Welcomm to club brony.
    Can’t wait to read the new book. Is Kate in purgatory? Becaus i remember you saying something to that effect.

    • Kate is, unfortunately, in purgatory at the moment. Her next instalment was not quite working. Also unfortunately, I have several books in that condition currently.

      • That is rather unfortunate, I realy enjoyed her story but i understand the difficulties of writing. I have a story im writing on since 2006 an it does not have mor the 20 pages right now.

      • It can be difficult to get started, but sometimes you just have to ram on through and fix it in the edit. (At least, that’s what everyone says. Never works for me.)

      • Vor me nither and i write more with my gut feeling than planing so i can’t write if im not feeling it.

      • *for

      • I know that problem well.

  11. As soon as I can afford to buy the book i will.

  12. The book reminded me how you shouldn’t underestimate a story just because it was inspired by magical ponies. And damn, it works! Can’t wait for the next.
    Hmm waiting for the other series too, been a while without my dose of Twilight/Cygnus lol.

    • You wouldn’t believe where some of my ideas come from. I don’t believe it either!
      Meanwhile, the next Ultrahumans novel is going to be two novels in quick succession. I’m going to have to plan them pretty carefully for them to work, and get really enthused to keep blasting through the two books. I was actually thinking about them last night, so it’s possible they’ll happen soon. I’d like to get them out this year, but I’m really not sure when.

      • Take your time Niall, from our long association of reader/author you told us that you got inspired by video games, TV shows and books, dunno if you watch anime? You could find awesome ideas from other contents lol, it could be considered research lol.
        The thing is with the superhero theme you can find too much materials and retcon or do so much that you can do lot of stuff with it. I find it admirable that you know how to pace yourself between series.

      • I watch anime (and occasionally read manga). I just finished watching Trigun on Netflix, and I’m watching some giant mecha thing now.
        The problem I have with anime/manga, and Chinese and Japanese ‘fiction’ in general, is that it always seems to want to make some high-brow point, and the only way they seem to know how to do it is through vast exposition info dumps. I can only assume it’s cultural: that kind of thing in western fiction would be considered bad writing. And it sure makes for boring television/film.
        Actually, Trigun managed to get away without doing that. It slotted the exposition in quite seamlessly. Unfortunately, it made heavy use of a few other conventions I dislike and I thought the ending was a bit flat, but it was watchable.
        So… aside from Fox and Aneka obviously owing things to Ghost in the Shell, I don’t get much from anime because I’m too busy grinding my teeth or being bored into a coma.

      • I totally understand. I read light novels from Chinese and Japanese author and observed that they focus too much on the relationship between the characters than the plot. But it is still good material.
        Who wouldn’t like a giant robot?! I love Gundam precisely Gundam 00, that I find fascinating look it up if you have the time. Ghost in the shell is awesome but like you said you can get bored, because it is philosophical.

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