Valentine’s Day 2017

Well, in a couple of hours it will be that day beloved of sweethearts, lovers, florists, greeting-card manufacturers, and chocolate companies. That time of the year which takes being single and turns it from mildly depressing to a full on atomic wedgie.

Yes, Valentine’s Day!

I felt like making my general opinion of the event known.


This, by the way, is Thea, who will be appearing in a book in March. She will not be wearing an outfit remotely like this one, but she will be applying a vibrosword to various things, possibly including ribcages.



14 responses to “Valentine’s Day 2017

  1. Valentine’s Day exists to sell roses and chocolate. But Thea looks interesting, keep us appraised. A new SciFi Book will always be welcome.

  2. Because nothing says romance like a 3rd century Roman saint who probably suffered an unpleasant execution for doing/not doing something or other that history can’t agree on.

    News of a new sci-fi book is something I can get behind however.

  3. running out of your dooks to read …

  4. So many threads. Science Fiction, Thaumatology, Valentine’s Day, writer’s block… you need a vacation, and maybe a new keyboard, soft touch, wrist pad. After reading your novels, it still amazes me how your mind works. Anneka, Fox, and then Lily? Find a beach with a phoofy drink that has an umbrella in it and watch the scantily clad parade for your viewing pleasure. Then get a massage, have some dinner and read a book… inspiration may strike. If all you superb writers stop, I might have to write my own and I’m old, I don’t have that kind of time.

  5. By the way, with all the art work, you now have to write 48 more novels to have cover space…;)

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