Progress, or the Lack Thereof

Okay, I’ve finally had to admit to myself that I’m totally blocked on the Thaumatology book. With my house a building site and my concentration shot, I shouldn’t be expecting miracles, but I’m grinding in ever decreasing circles here and it’s time I stepped back and came at this from another angle at a later date. Basically, I’m delaying that book and trying something else to get myself back in the right frame of mind. Apologies to those hanging there waiting for more Ceri and Lily. I am, however, planning to do a full reissue of the Thaumatology series with the typos taken out and new covers, plus (assuming I can manage it) an omnibus collection which won’t be much use to most of you guys, but may bring in some new people who’ll press me for more.

So, I’ve started working on something else which I’m not going to say much about right now. I’m trying to put it out in the slot I was going to use for the Thaumatology book, likely in March. All I will give you is the render below. Make of that what you will.



12 responses to “Progress, or the Lack Thereof

  1. I can understand the distractions affecting your creativity. Let us know when the Thaumatology series is re-released and I’ll give it another go. It’s your only series that hasn’t caught my interest. Nice render, I like the side/back lighting.

  2. terrible news on the next Ceri and Lily book 😦 but I get where you are coming from. but an interesting rendering there.

  3. Better slightly delayed and done right than rushed and a mess. Just try not to make it too delayed, been looking forward to a new Thaumatology book since I finished Vengeance the day after it came out.

  4. I thought it might be hard to go anywhere once Ceri became the all powerful queen of the universe. My original fascination with the series was the detail and effort you put into the science side of the magic. It seems to me the technological development and harnessing of magic could back her out of the superman trap (Superman needs kryptonite since stories become boring when you are all powerful and invincible).

    • (First, an aside to say my internet’s been down for 3 days, so I’ve been kind of quiet.)

      Okay, service notice done, so… The problem with this plot is not Ceri, it’s me. (I know people always say that, usually just before a break up, but…) I thought I had the plot nailed, and it didn’t work as intended. My current personal situation is almost certainly not helping. I got blocked and couldn’t drag myself out.

      Ceri is actually not that hard to stomp down. If she gets into the demon realm then she’s pretty much invincible, but on Earth… If she knows you’re coming and has time to prepare, she can probably stop almost anything, but she needs prep time. Huanglong almost killed her at the end of the last book. The issue with Ceri is not her power, but that her story has basically reached a logical end point. Just telling tales of what Ceri and Lily do next isn’t that exciting. I needed to add some others into the mix. New blood, if you like, which is what I’m trying to do.

  5. I’m sorry you feel that telling stories of what Ceri and Lilly do next is not exciting. Personally I’d love to read stories of them managing the interactions between Earth and the Demon realm once there are actual portals allowing travel between the two, and building a technological society in the demon realm.

    • One of the reasons I’ve never managed to get into the Game of Thrones books or TV series is that I find enormously complex political stories boring. I don’t mind that stuff happening ‘in the background’ of the story. The world can develop and change, as it has done in Thaumatology and Aneka, with a load of political upheaval or whatever, but I don’t want that to be the main plot. The last few months seems to have indicated that anything someone could write in a sci-fi or fantasy setting regarding politics is likely to be mundane compared to the real world anyway.
      So, actually, you will get to see that kind of stuff (when I can get my head together to write it), but not as the primary plot of a book. It’ll happen; as far as I’ve got with the next Thaumatology book, there are already indications of the way Earth and the demon realm are interacting. Some of it is just too much fun to leave out.

  6. I always thought the best way to carry on the Ceri & Lily story would be to focus on the police side of the story.

  7. What will be the relationship between Dre Cotton and Ceri? Or with Martin Whittaker? Ceri is supposed to start sorcery classes, correct?

    • Correct. Martin is going to be part of those classes and I don’t think it’s a massive spoiler to say that Dre will be too. There are a couple of other new sorcery students as well.

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