New Thaumatology Models

I think I mentioned some new character models for the Thaumatology characters. I’ve posted them up on ArtStation and since we’re dealing with nudity and adult content and all that jazz, I’ll just provide a link here. NSFW, folks. You have been warned. 🙂


22 responses to “New Thaumatology Models

  1. Oh, I like it. They don’t look like they are about to starve to death! Though something about Ceri makes me think vampire. Not sure why. By the way you should redo the banner, with the new model. Honestly she does look too skinny in it.

  2. Also party Cheryl is hot!

    • I’ll sign that ^^

      (I’ll also admit that I’m no fan of that “sunken cheek” thing, but I kinda look at that as a trademark of those series 😉 )

  3. That’s a pretty good set of pictures, they’re impressively well done indeed. I look forward to new Thaumatology and any other new books you might come out with.

  4. Grrrreat! I like the “red” Ceri the best; the “blue” one is a little too scary. Ishifa in party outfit is paru-kawaii. But where is Hiffy’s tail???

    • Hiffy’s tail is hidden under her dress. She does still have one and I might get around to a render of her in something briefer which would show her tail. I just haven’t needed one.

  5. They all look great and make me want a new thaumatology book even more. One question though is Twills skin colour a bit too dark for the described “but brown”?

    • I think you’ll find her described as ‘nut brown’ or ‘conker-coloured’ at various points. I went for the best, slightly-reddish-brown I could find in the various sets I have and I think it’s not a bad representation of what I have in my head. (As with any character from a book, your imagination may supply a slightly different image. :))

      • She is different from the image on DA. They both are, actually. But I think the older image is a bit light for what I’d imagine.

      • The thing about descriptions like “nut brown” or “sapphire blue” is that they don’t really mean anything other than some shade of brown or blue. Peanuts, walnuts, cashews, almonds, and many others are lighter than the skin in the image. Maybe pecans can be that dark. However, describing her skin as Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown Ale is a little cumbersome. 🙂

        For some reason Cheryl’s smile reminds me of The Joker. Run, Carter, run!

  6. Lol as I hope there is no colour but brown 🙎 I meant ” nut brown” (seems to be some sort of auto correct problem as it tried to do it to me again) 😵

    As I ended up posting again I must say Twills appearance has made a drastic change from the previous image

  7. Love them especially Ishifa but Michael looks a bit like Michael Jackson

  8. Just wondering … Did we ever get pictures of Carter and Alec?

    • There’s a couple of old pictures of Carter. I may try to do redo him at some point. Alec is hard to do, mostly because he’s very hairy and very scarred. Both are difficult to achieve. I have another male character who is fairly prominent in this next book. I’ve tried to render him and, so far, I’m not happy with the results.

  9. Very nice. I liked Dre from her short appearance in Vengeance, looking forward to seeing her around some more.

    Are Ceri and Lily and crew still the central characters of the upcoming book? I’d thought you’d said otherwise, but these pictures make it seem so. I have to admit, I hope they are. I’m kind of in love with them.

    • They aren’t as central as they were, but they aren’t as sidelined as they might have been. And I’m not going to give away more than that. 🙂

      • Tsukino Usagi

        I don’t know what everyone else thinks, but to me Ceri and Lily ARE the thaumatology series, the prospect of a book not focused on them is really disappointing.

      • @Tsukino: I personally think that the Thaumatology series is much larger than those two. This world is the by far most unique Niall invented and the possibilities are infinite. I’d like to read stories about people met in passing throughout those 14 books. E.g. What happened to Kangee and Edward?

      • @ Prem: I agree, maybe a spin-off to show whats happened in north america since Ceri and Lily left. Another collection of short stories for those who don’t have enough story for a full book.

        Love the new models by the way.

  10. I love the new look! New Lili is hotter than before, I can’t wait for another adventure to happen.

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