Gunwitch: Recover

Okay, I re-rendered the cover image. You guys think this looks better?



13 responses to “Gunwitch: Recover

  1. Much better, though I got excited for a second when I saw GunWitch: Recovered and thought you where announcing the next book already.

    • No, pretty sure the next book will not be called that. 🙂

      • I must admit, when I saw the tweet I was hoping for a sequel. Or news of a sequel.

        Which reminds me, I keep meaning to ask; are you planning on a sequel to Reality Hack at some point in the future? I read it again a couple of days ago and it left me wanting more.

      • I have material for a Gunwitch sequel, but it’ll need development before I can write it. It’s going to feature some sci-fi/horror like Alien or The Thing, and some other stuff.
        I also have material for a Reality Hack sequel and I’m getting a lot closer to being able to write that. Probably sometime in 2017. It’s kind of a gothic/Lovecraftian horror story, with added confusion over what reality really is, and some other stuff.

  2. Very fine. I really couldn’t see that she was wearing a strapless corset before. So scratch my earlier remark about her clothes.

    • Uh-huh. I thought ‘He really can’t tell what she’s wearing, can he? Right, do the re-render.’ And I see my theory was correct.
      I’ll probably try to get the book re-issued tomorrow, though I’m a little worried bout the visibility of the lettering now. The white worked against the darker sky, but it’s not so clear against the lighter colour. May need to play with the colour.

      • Good, that we finally understand each other. What about putting some dark storm clouds onto that sky? Azure is anyway not really fitting for the story.

      • Interesting thought. Looking into it. (I happen to have a few clouds hanging around, doing nothing much…)

  3. Maybe outline the letters in a contrasting color?

    As a book cover this much better, I think. Artistic inspiration and good marketing don’t always go well together, so a moody image that looks good at full resolution on a big monitor might not do so well as a book icon on an Amazon page.

    • Monitors, in particular, are a pain in the proverbial. Let’s not get started on colour-matching for printing, but the differences in display quality and settings between two different monitors can make colours change and turn perfectly visible contrast levels into one shade of black. And then we can add in things like viewing angle…
      With Amazon we get the added fun that they ask for a relatively low resolution cover image and then crush it down to make those icons. I’m generally amazed anyone can see anything in them.

  4. Depending on how complicated you want to get, just adding a dim streetlight to give character back lighting or a general glow to up the ambient light level would make the original darker image work. Probably easier though, to simply add in storm clouds like suggested, then reduce ambient light a little to get back the gloomy feel of the first cover. It is a dystopian setting after all.

  5. That looks a lot better on my big computer. I can’t say how much of an improvement it’ll be on an e-reader, but I think that it’s likely to be a big one.

  6. Much better it can now make a very nice wallpaper 🙂 Looking forward to the sequel. Loved the first one.

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