Gunwitch: Rebirth


It’s online and available.


34 responses to “Gunwitch: Rebirth

  1. Sorry, guys, just bought the last copy. πŸ™‚

  2. Didn’t I add a smiley? Okay, here are some more: πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • As far as I know, Amazon can’t run out. Unless there’s a limited number of electrons available or something. Which there could be. Has anyone checked on the world electron-availability limit?

      • World stocks of electrons are down to an all time low of 3% due to the demand for an E book called gunwitch!


      • Amazon would shoot themselves in the foot if they’d stop selling an eBook after a certain number of sales. Nevertheless I bought it at smashwords. They accept PayPal…

      • Personally I wouldn’t be surprised if they one day came up with a scheme of artificially limited electronic copies so they can raise prizes when books start running out …
        … but I’d rather stop talking before anyone gives them some new ideas. They already have enough of those. πŸ˜‰

      • I shouldn’t worry, they could do that already. It’s not in Amazon’s best interests to limit copies. The only organisations wanting that are the publishers.

  3. It’s up on Amazon AU as well.

    Thanks for the great Xmas present and a Merry Christmas to you!

  4. FYI, copy purchased from Amazon in the US has the author name slightly messed up. It shows up on the Kindle as “Teasdale, Niall; Teasdale, Niall”

    Overall an enjoyable read, though I like the character more than I like the world-building. It makes me wonder what it would be like if she was in the universe with Fox or Cygnus

    • I’m only through Annette’s basic training but at the moment I’d say the opposite. I don’t like her, and hope that’ll change (I didn’t like Fox after the first book as well).
      But the weird combination between a post-holocaust-world with cyborg soldiers having someone on top with a superhero name like “Doctor White” and a number of clichΓ© Enemies of the State is compelling.

    • Thanks for the note about the author. I know what that is: Amazon changed their interface. More on Amazon’s new interface at a later date, but I’ll see if I can get it fixed.

  5. @Niall: The cover of the book is just a black blob with white text on my b/w reader. Can we have one where at least Annette is visible? I tried to make it lighter, but then all colors disappear. Thanks in advance.

  6. Great character and story!!!! MORE!!!! MORE!!!! MORE!!!!

  7. Carson led the way to an office without a park view, but it still had a window which Annette thought denoted some prestige. Cranfield’s two guards were left outside the door and Carson waved Annette into a chair before taking his own place behind a large but fairly functional desk.

    Teasdale, Niall; Teasdale, Niall. Gunwitch: Rebirth (Kindle Locations 1426-1428). Kindle Edition.

    In reading i just came across this part i didn’t know Cran had two guards and followed Annette up the spire πŸ™‚

    • This came up in proofreading and I thought I’d tweaked it enough to cover it. Apparently not for everyone.

      As an aside, I changed the author data today and republished. I have no idea whether the double entry has gone for those buying it new.

      • If you mean the double Niall part. No I would not point out that which multiple people had pointed out πŸ™‚ I was referring to the part where Carson and Annette where the only two present and yet you said that Cranfield’s guard’s were left outside I was thinking shouldn’t it say that Carson’s bodyguard’s since Cran was left behind.

      • Yes. I realise that.

  8. I’m still reading the book, so far it’s a blast! But what I find strange is why the cover is so dark, Niall?

    • Misjudgement. I may try to re-render it with brighter environment lighting.

      • Just a soft spot on Annette, perhaps? Emphasizing her eyes would be fitting.

      • That would judicious. Annette is still cool looking though.

      • Now that I finished the book I’d like Annette to wear her “uniform” on the cover.

      • The combat outfit? I tend to think of what she is wearing the current cover image as being her ‘uniform’ because it’s more or less what she wore in CoH. (Well, that was a couple of costume slots, with and without sunglasses. Then there was her ‘war’ suit, with and without helmet. And that left a slot free to do casual/random outfits for roleplay meetings.)

      • No, sorry, I was referring to what you called her “camouflage” – I really thought you used the term “uniform” at one point for those clothes.

  9. There is one thing that punches a big hole into my suspension of disbelief.

    If I were Annette and had to hide from pursuers in a crowd, the first thing I’d buy is a pair of contacts to hide my once-in-the-world unique eyes. Instead, she makes them her trademark sign in a job where she meets a lot of people.

    I also would not use my real name on forged papers.

    • Not sure contacts would cut it. They’d need to be full-eye ones which would not be as uncomfortable to her as someone else, but would be uncomfortable. (I believe Hollywood has largely dispensed with using them and puts white, zombie-style eyes in using CGI.) Up close they would be obviously fake. I think the glasses work better and she generally wears them while outside her apartment.
      The name thing… Yeah. This isn’t how fake papers are generally manufactured anyway. The Highlander method actually works, or so I’m told.

      • Okay, but it would have been more logical to me if she had at least thought about it when she looked at her photo with the brown eyes in the ID.

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