Status Update

Aka: The Sanity Report.

Sanity Status: Mild hallucination with some delusions of normality.

I am, to some extent, in my new home. I have internet and all my computers are attached to it now (via a 20m CAT5 cable in one case). I’m about inΒ a position to do some more writing, intermixed with continued unpacking of boxes.

I still aim to have Gunwitch: Rebirth out before Christmas. After that… I think I’m going to do the next Thaumatology book. I know, it’s been said before. I’m going to have a good, hard try at it because I think I’m in the mood. Update on whether that’s working once the Gunwitch book is out.


22 responses to “Status Update

  1. Well … good to hear you survived the move, at least. I’ve only done it once and I still remain cured of the urge to do it ever again. I’m not sure I’d survive another one.

    • If there’s a next time, I’m paying people to do it all for me. 😦

      • Even paying other people to do the move for you doesn’t always work out, so be careful who you hire next time.

        My last move (in 2010) was probably one of the worst days of my life. The firm I hired turned out to be a nightmare. Boxes were just dumped anywhere, preferably in the wrong room. There was very large pile in the kitchen, rendering it unusable. The sofa had to be left in the garage because it wouldn’t go up the stairs (it’s a town house, with the living room above the garage). The movers sole objective was to get the job done quickly, without any attention to getting it done properly. Quite a few things got broken or lost.

        And to cap it all, the house had been empty for several months. As a result, someone from TV Licensing turned up just as I was sitting down to eat a very late lunch (at about 17.00), wanting to know why there wasn’t a TV licence for the house. And this was in spite of the facts that (a) I did have a TV licence and (b) they’d sent me an e-mail acknowledgement of my notification of the move three weeks earlier.

        On the other hand, my two previous moves had been fine. Unfortunately, I couldn’t use the same firm again because I was now 100 miles away.

        So I guess that what I’m saying is that you’ll do well to get a recommendation rather than just accept the cheapest bid.

  2. ooo good to hear, that all is well and the net is flowing. will snag a copy of gunwitch soon as its out =)

  3. Good tho hear. I’m really looking forward to the next Thaumatology book. Can hardly wait, but no pressure πŸ™‚

  4. Ah, so we finally get to read the (bisexual) alien invasion arc. Awesome!

    • Uh… No aliens, bisexual or otherwise.

      • …and thus I have subtly tricked you into excluding one possible plot for the next Thaumatology book [cue evil laughter].

        Naw, just kidding around. I was trying to remember whether the last book left some sort of hints on what’s going to happen next but I can’t say I remember, so I went with some non-sense. But then… weirder things have happened in books* …

        *this was not a challenge to write the weirdest book ever. There are a lot of very weird ones already.

      • It’s going to be primarily based around the sorcerers starting to appear following the revelation that sorcerers actually exist in the last book. The whole demon realm getting an embassy wasn’t the only big change I dropped in last time.
        Technically, if you want to look at it that way, the demons could be viewed as aliens and some of them are certainly bi, or even omni, but no invasions.

      • The alien invasion is already over. It ended with the annilihation of the dragons.

      • Well, on the demons aliens thing it’s then more like the demons/aliens got invaded, not the other way around, which I suppose is a refreshing approach to an old trope either way πŸ˜‰

        Good point on the dragons, too. They weren’t exactly natives.

        Anyway, I’ll look forward to it πŸ™‚ On a side note, 4 (or a few more) years between books is absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of thing. Steerswoman has a gap of 12 years to the last one currently. And it was 11 between the second and the third. No rush; still a long way to go get into those regions. ^^;

  5. Congratulations. I really hope to see more stories in the Thaumatology universe. It’s by far my most favorite, because there are so many undiscovered possibilities.

  6. A new Thaumatology book? Yes!!! πŸ˜€

  7. Fingers crossed your Thaumatology mood continues! Yay! \O/
    Echoing above the other comment that the Thaumatology universe is my favourite. I’m interested to find out the repurcussions of the demon universe going public.

  8. It doesn’t matter which universe you write about as I’ll be both excited, for that series, and disappointed, for the other series.

  9. I hope things continue to settle down for you. Getting all the details of settling into a new home is always unsettling. Look forward to the new book for Christmas.

  10. Sweet, an excuse to re-read the Thaumatology series again. My father-in-law thinks i am crazy because i like to re-familiarize myself with a loved series when a new book comes out.

    • Sometimes you have to. I’ll have to reread at least the last couple of books before I get stuck into the next one. Make sure I get the tone and characterisation right.
      Meanwhile, I’m hoping to reissue the other books with corrections and new covers before the next one comes out, so you may have to read them all again again. No timescales on that yet; it’ll take me a good two weeks to get them all reissued and I’m not sure when that’s going to squeeze into my schedule. But you have been warned.

  11. The Thaumatology series is my favourite with Aneka as a close second I can’t wait and I’m curious what kind of troubles Lily has to deal with to repay the favor to the lady of the black pool. Also I saw on your Patreon about it being a 16 years later story focused on Crierwy, but that left me curious about Martin and Dirdre? ( pianist from vengeance). Regardless I’m glad Thaumatology is making it’s way out of purgatory, even temporarily, so take your time

    • The next book is starting the autumn after Vengeance and will be about Martin and Deirdre, and the other sorcerers found over the summer. Among other things, obviously. The story with Crierwy is something I have planned for later. The next few books belong to what I’m calling ‘ The Sorcerer’s Symphony’ while Crierwy’s story belongs to ‘The Black Moon’. Lots planned, sort of; now I just have to find time to write them.

  12. Is the next Unobtainium book still in the pipeline or has it gone to purgatory for the time being? Just curious as I quite enjoy that series.

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