Halloween Witch

It’s that time of year: time for an unconventional witch.


In this case, a Gunwitch in a dress with cobweb patterns on it. More about her when the horror has died down. (Obviously, I mean moving house. Halloween isn’t scary anymore.)


3 responses to “Halloween Witch

  1. So Gunwitch is AR/Dev? In any case I’m looking forward to it. Never played an AR blaster but I did have fun with Fire/EM.

    • She was Dual Pistols. She was my main ‘Going Rogue’ character. I was planning her and writing fiction about her for months before the supplement came out. I actually dragged myself to San Diego for the convention where they showed us a load of details about the new stuff. I was one of only two English guys that went.
      Sad, but true. 🙂

  2. I went to a few Palladium events at Gencon in Indianapolis and they were interesting but probably only worth it since I live only about 30 minutes away.

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