Be My Valentine

Well, not mine, I wouldn’t presume, but Dione’s open to offers.



14 responses to “Be My Valentine

  1. It’s officially available from Amazon.

  2. Post way through and living it so far. I’m concerned if the trend of one e per book continues that by book 4 Leeeeanne will start to get long.

  3. At what point do I unlock an achievement icon for owning every book?

  4. Great Book, read twice already, when is the next one coming >>
    I totally enjoyed this

  5. Just started to read and stumbled over the fact that Leanne is now Leeanne. I don’t think that’s intentional, is it?

  6. Have to say… I don’t EVER want to get on Dione’s bad side.

    She be SCARY. A good guy (gal) who REALLY goes ‘bump’ in the night. In a LOT more ways that one. 🙂

    That said, why are is it always the humans who are so much more monstrous than the ‘monsters’?

    • I don’t think humans are more monstrous, it is just that there are so much more of them, so there are more of the psychopaths, too. If monsters are transformed humans, they try to police themselves and prevent the transformation of these bad elements in order to prevent war with humans.

  7. Still reading the new book so I don’t know where it end but I get the feeling the next one might be about vampires “coming out”. I’d like to see where you go with that. One thing about the Stargate tv series and now books is that aside from alternate timelines they never revealed the Stargate to the general public.

    • That plotline is long term; you won’t be seeing some Great Revelation in the next book, though there’s probably going to be discussion of it.
      The next book is going to resolve a hanging thread from this one, and I won’t go into more detail than that since you’re still reading. Suffice to say, you’ll know what I mean by the end.

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