Valentines Day Officially Moved to October!

Okay, not really.

This is an update on my current entropy level, i.e. how much chaos do I have in my system. Current entropy level is: Imminent universal heat death.

Anyway, Be My Valentine will be officially released on Sunday, that’s the 30th. That’s good: vampires just before Halloween. I’m currently working through the edits and I don’t have cover art yet (such is the state of my life). If I can get everything organised sometime tomorrow, then I’ll put the book up early, but I’m only going to promise it’ll be up before midnight on Sunday. As soon as it’s live, I’ll let you all know.

My house move is progressing to the point where I know I’m going to be largely without internet from November 5th to 11th. If anyone’s trying to contact me during that period… Well, I probably won’t know about it. At least I won’t have any distractions to stop me doing moving stuff. However, expect me to be mildly insane on the 12th.


4 responses to “Valentines Day Officially Moved to October!

  1. Ah the ever famous moving day… everyone’s favorite thing to do. Hopefully the new digs are worth the pain and torture of actually getting from the old ones to the new.

  2. Personally I would rather defend against a zombie apocalypse than move house. All the very best for your move and Thank you in advance for the new book

  3. Hope the move goes well for you, look forward to the next Vampire book, also looking forward to more Aneka and Ella. Would like to see more in the original Thaumatology series too.

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