Be My Valentine, the second in my vampire series, is out for proof reading. You should be seeing it in the shops next weekend (unless you buy from B&N or Apple, that takes a bit longer). I’m probably safe saying that, and in saying that Gunwitch: Rebirth will follow in (mid-)December. Everything else is up in the air right now.

I’m trying to organise my tax for the year and move house. I can’t sleep (hence writing this at 03:35) because I’m worrying over tax documents and completion dates. The only times I can sleep without my brain throwing up every problem in the book are when I’m too tired to think. Annoyingly, this tends to be during the day, when I should be getting stuff done. Writing and plotting I can do more or less any time, but calling my accountant needs office hours.

Gives me some binge-watching time, so it’s not all bad, I guess. I did all of Sleepy Hollow seasons 2 and 3 in about four days. I have a horrible feeling that’s going downhill for season 4, but there you go. Then Blindspot turned up for a reasonable price on Amazon, so I blasted through the first season of that. Of course, I’m probably looking at a year before I can get season 2, which is annoying (probably).

So, my life is chaos, TV, and insomnia, but you should get a new book next week.


8 responses to “Valentine

  1. Sorry to hear about your difficulties, Niall. I do hope that things improve for soon.

    What do you call a “reasonable price”? Blindspot has been on my “to watch” list for a while. £20 to stream from Amazon or £30 for a Blu-ray set seems a bit high to me, but I haven’t seen it for less. I’m still waiting for it to come down a bit more. Perhaps I’m just mean.

    • It was £30 to stream. It’s been on my watch list since I noticed it was there. I saw a trailer for it… probably when it first aired in the US and thought it looked interesting. Well, “woman dressed only in tattoos climbs out of a bag in Times Square” is quite a setup… Anyway, I figure £20 for 23 episodes is reasonable, YMMV.

  2. OK, so I’m mean 🙂 I usually wait for them to come down to about £16/season.

    Yes, it was that premise that caught my attention, though I’m wondering how much it owes to Memento. No, please don’t spoil it by telling me – I’d rather find out for myself.

  3. I’ve been sticking with buying boxsets for my favourite shows, blu-ray where they are available.I’ve been working my way through Blindspot. I quite enjoy the show. Streaming in Oz is still problematical and suffers from stutters etc. Look forward to reading Valentine and Gunwitch. Hope the problems for you sort themselves out soon.

  4. Decided to reread Hunters Kiss ahead of Be My Valentine coming out next week and something struck me as funny that I didnt notice the first time I read it. The addict who came into the hospital overdosed on Appollo and his girlfriend…was naming them Bobby and Kennedy an intentional reference or just one of those amusing and random things?

    • Random, right until I noticed I’d done it. Then I had to smirk and have Lisa notice it in the book.
      Oddly, while editing Be My Valentine I had a similar thing happen. Not with names, but something happened which I just had to have Dione comment on at Mike’s expense. Sometimes these things just happen.

  5. Thank You, I have been waiting on the second book in this series since I finished the first one twice. Eagerly looking forward to it.

  6. Looking forward to the release I’ll have to reread the first one now.

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