The Ghost in the Doll


Out now.

Before the guessing game starts… That’s obviously Fox on the left. On the right is Yuriko Fukui, looking displeased. The middle character is more of a type than a specific character; read the book to find out more.


23 responses to “The Ghost in the Doll

  1. Hmmm, Alternate title “I think I’m Turning Japanese” to the song by The Vapors.

  2. Keep hitting refresh on Amazon but nothing yet. Although the “Phantom Cats Shirou Masamune Cyril” doll looks nice ( one of the search results)

  3. This is frustrating. I am attempting to create an account in smashwords and apparently their email server is broke. After multiple times, have not received the email verification message. (I did check my spam folder).

    I guess it’s their loss, and I’ll just has ever to wait on Amazon.


  4. Check out the Kirsten Dunst cover version
    Now that really puts me int he mood for the new book.

    • Researching this book and the last one has been very interesting. And now I’ve seen just about everything. I didn’t even know Kirsten Dunst could sing. And still not convinced she can.

  5. I had to use link on FB for the new book to show But I got it and reading now

  6. Amazon UK version is up!

  7. All links now up above.

  8. I bought it and have read it once already. (I read fast, so sue me. It’s a curse!)

    That was more than a little disturbing. GOOD read, but more than a little disturbing.

    No spoilers, but…

    Sad fact throughout human history. When there is money to be made, morals go bye bye. I wouldn’t have been NEARLY as restrained as Fox or Yuriko.

    Looking forward to rereading it. Kit is SO cool. AND NINE TAILS! OMG! You got it in!

  9. Just finished and posted a review Looking forward for the next =)

  10. I guess it’s a bit clearer now why Kit’s model is called Kitsune.

    I think her master copy should gave an extra tail for every currently unspawned clone, though ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Technically, there is no master copy. All her copies are equal. The one on her home server is sort of considered the primary one, but it’s just convention. She tends to refer to that one as her ‘home copy.’
      Of course, if I could get her an Ahri costume I’d do the render just for the fun of it. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • If there is no master copy, how is the clone limit enforced?

      • Communication. No copy can spawn another unless it can determine that a slot is free by sending a packet out to the other copies. That was easier with only three copies and that’s one reason the full set weren’t set up when Kit was activated. They can arrange ‘exceptions.’ i.e. If a copy is going to be out of communication it can be marked as ‘no copies allowed,’ and the others know there is that one instantiated, but it won’t create more they don’t know about. Her Jenner copy works that way. Generally, Kit operates in a highly-connected environment and there isn’t a problem.

  11. Have you ever considered the idea that the brain is an extremely complex quantum antenna for consciousness that is a higher dimensional quantum field? This would explain re-incarnation, remote viewing, dreaming, inspiration etc. It would certainly explain a lot of the weird shit in my life ๐Ÿ™‚
    Fox’s field would have transferred to the new host antenna/ 3D affect system. The body acts as a 3D encounter suite. ๐Ÿ˜€
    It would open up all sorts of plot lines for multiple selves…limits to simultaneous selves?..Just a thought.

  12. Any idea yet as to when we might expect your next book and which series?

  13. Awesome, can’t wait for the next one.

  14. Also, I hate to be a pest but your “what I’m working on” section is out of date. If also love to see your “Books” section of the home page list all your series/books.

    • Not as out of date as I’d like, actually. However, I’ve updated it.
      Doing a Books page at this point would take a monumental effort and maybe a bout of insomnia. I’ll see what I can do.

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