The News in Brief

This is a quick post to let you know what’s happening. It should have been a little longer and had the cover for The Ghost in the Doll in it, but I’m just looking at changing the cover, which is going to take several hours, so…

The Ghost in the Doll, the next Fox Meridian book will be out very soon, probably sometime tonight. My ability to sleep at night appears to have taken a holiday: I’m sleeping all sorts of weird hours and not exactly happy about it. Trying to get back to normal seems to be impossible at the moment (I’ve tried all the methods I know of and it ain’t happening), but it does mean I’ve all night to work on getting the book out.

That leaves me trying hard to get something ready for October. This is proving difficult and the one which is looking like it’s going to make it (currently) is from right out of left field. I’ll tell you more when I know for sure. I’m in the process of trying to move house at the moment, and that isn’t helping matters. I’m not sure when the physical move will happen, but that could provide more disruption. These things are sent to try us, right?


11 responses to “The News in Brief

  1. Also, I have had all sorts of sleep problems in the past; most recently weeks of insomina in the first half of last year. It’s not fun. Commiserations.

  2. I’ll have insomnia as soon as i down load your new book !

  3. Take care of yourself first. Insomnia is a pain, no question. but if you get sick and can’t write for a month or more, where are WE?

  4. I used to stay awake for 24 hours or more to fix my insomnia caused by schedule shifts or jet lag. Excited for The Ghost in the Doll. Thinking of your October book, do you have anything in store for Aneka Jenson?

    • Sorry, no. I still don’t have that one worked out.
      I’ve tried the 24 hour thing… Didn’t work. Turned into 36 followed by collapse at the wrong time. 😦

  5. Excellent. Looking forward to the new release. Hope you can reset your sleep routine. Good luck with the house move too!

  6. will look for it. Thaxs for the headsup. Soon as I see it will be reading it =)

  7. Try trazadone. I spend 170 days a year in hotels. Lots of insomnia. Works great to help me sleep.

  8. Good luck with the move. If you are looking for something to help you sleep may I suggest installing something and actually reading the T&C’s. You may end up with your face mashed in to the keyboard though.

  9. I can relate after 16 years of graveyards I have no sleep cycle lol one weeks it is bed as soon as i get home the next week i am up for another 6 hours week after i get slep in 2 hour bursts. So I really do know the feeling

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