Super Depressed

That makes it sound like I’m suicidal, which I’m not… I’m tired and not very productive, but this is more a case of, um, too much of a good thing.

There is an absolute shit-ton (technical term) of superhero stuff flooding in at the moment. The Killing Joke and Suicide Squad movies are both out next week. You Tube is drowning under the stuff coming out of SDCC… Arrrghhhh!

I am just not ready to write more Ultrahumans and I’m being bombarded with superheroes. At least it’s an entertaining form of torture.

I think I need a holiday. Probably somewhere without internet. Like Mars.


17 responses to “Super Depressed

  1. For a holiday away from phone and net you could try a cruise, it’s one of my favorite ways to get away from things. Pick somewhere nice that you haven’t been yet and let the ship take you around to various points of interest… AKA Tourist Traps. 🙂

  2. Think about green bank West Virginia in the us. It’s not Mars but you can breath there and it meet all the requirements. Also some really nice scenery. 🙂

  3. What about researching some locations for the next Thaumatology book? Ireland comes into my mind. Lily still owns the Black Lady a favor.

  4. I don’t normally blurt out the first thing that comes to mind, but I guess I’ve reached a sufficiently advanced age that the first thing I pictured was my grandmother, decades ago when I was a lad, saying in her crackly old-lady voice, “Turn off the TV and go outside and play!” These days that’d mean strapping on my helmet and tearing off on the motorbike … which she’d probably also tisk and disapprove of.

  5. Of course the cheapest and laziest way to get away from the internet and stuff is let the bills laps a little the city will cut it all off and you won’t have any of that nasty stuff to bug you 😛 Of course it does have it’s down side… it will cost you a pretty pound to get it all back.

    • Takes ages over here. Too much effort.

      Maybe I could move into a caravan…

      • well possibly the next easiest and that it doesn’t cost anything go underground for a few days 🙂 it seems if you find the right cave or tunnel all that steel and stone has a tendency to interfere with electronic signals. Maybe see if mole men really do exist. 😛

      • Of course they do! Which rock have you been hiding under? 😛

  6. hmm, Niall you could try to disconnect and go to the countryside. Maybe , like having a bit of experience in farming or see the work of a blacksmith of something. Every experience is worth having. PS : I like the green lantern approach Ultrahuman took for the next book.

  7. you sure there is no internet on mars? 🙂

    • Not connected to ours. Obviously, the Martians have it. The one the Nazi’s on the far side of the Moon have, that’s hooked in to ours, but not the Martian one.

      That’s it! Does anyone know of agent booking trips to Hollow Earth?

  8. How’s it going? Over the superhero depression yet?

    • Sort of, and also no. Right at the moment, I’m happy to be writing anything. But I’ve got a post to do about what’s going on with me… Also the next Fox book coming out in the next few days.

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