Emergence Emerging

Emergence is up on Smashwords and Amazon.



17 responses to “Emergence Emerging

  1. Bought it and reading it. Thaxs for the mid summer treat =)

  2. 5 stars. I very much loved this book and cant wait for the next. LOL if you ever need Beta readers sign me up =)

    Hah! I had guessed that Hannah was emergent at the end of DeathWeb, though I can’t remember why. I’ll have to re-read the series at some point. 🙂
    I loved Emergence! Looking forward to the AI independence plot. 😉
    Now I know what “The Fox Dilemma” was about. I trust you to make it interesting as part of this story and not too similar to Aneka. You shouldn’t go out of your way to not repeat yourself when a plot point fits perfectly, like this one.

  4. Have been reading it since yesterday and enjoying it greatly…Can’t wait until the next Unobtainium book is out though.

    • Glade you’re enjoying it.
      The next Unobtainium book is stalled currently. It may get supplanted in the October schedule by the next vampire one, but that has its own issues. I’m determined to get both out by the end of this year. Maybe another Fox book too, but that’s pushing it.

  5. Wow. GOOD read. The end was a bit of a shocker, but I have no real problem with it.

    So many questions, but I managed to put most of them down to focus on the single most important one.

    Will Kit have otaku now?

    • Well… Is Kit paru-kawaii? 🙂

      • That does not in and of itself MEAN she will have otaku. Then again, she IS paru-kawaii so, she will LIKELY have otaku. How will she deal with that?

        Being a pop culture icon at less than year old will probably not be easy for her.

        Also… Fox being what she is now, can SHE get a tail?

      • Initially, she’ll hide from it.
        Fox’s avatar can look like anything she wants. Despite her nickname, I see her more as a feline, so… maybe.

  6. i thought terri’s line about not knowing what someone would want to call their body was both hilarious, and a bit profound. i look forward to seeing what fox settles on. (perhaps it will become easier for her when she’s presented with multiple options?)

    i also look forward to seeing a chat show discuss uploading. most works dealing with the subject go… i don’t know? a little high brow? when in the end, the real social response will probably be dictated by whether middle age folks watching day time television look at it and think “fuck yes sign me up for eating all i want and never exercising again” or “holy crap, burn it with fire”

  7. Loved the book! Post you made a short while back mentioned a Fox book out this month and another in August? Did I misread or misunderstand that or is my next fix going to come that soon? The ending wasn’t really a cliff hanger but holy hell I want to see what happens to her mindset, lovelife etc the next few days after the ending of this book!

  8. Tsukino Usagi

    Awesome Book but also heartrending as I lost my mother to a massive brain stem hemorrhage a little over a month ago. Loved Fei too.

    • “I’m sorry for your loss” doesn’t really cut it under these sort of circumstances, but it’s all we’ve got. I’m glad you liked the book.

  9. I was somewhat surprised that Amazon approved your cover with the nekkid Fox on it. 🙂 Not *complaining* mind you.

    • I was a tiny bit surprised. I did my best to cover up the naughty bits and you can’t really see anything unless you blow the image up to full size. Plus, it’s marked 18+. I guess someone could complain later.

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