Emergence Cover Emerges

I am aiming to have Emergence in the (virtual) shops by tomorrow noon. Given my fractured sleeping habits of late this is no mean feat and it might happen sooner.

One of the things which has been keeping me up at night is the cover. Okay, that’s a lie, what’s been keeping me up at night is the airless atmosphere, but the cover has taken a while to produce. Not saying it’s my best ever, but it’s probably my most ambitious. This thing has five layers in it! For a professional artist that’s chicken feed, but I get nervous when I have more than one layer.

Anyway, I hope you like it, and that it gives some hints/confuses you regarding the book.



31 responses to “Emergence Cover Emerges

  1. Do (well, should) we already know all six of those? Or are some of them new to this book? Apart from Fox and Kit I’m not sure I recognise any of them.

    • There’s only one new character there. All the others you’ve met before, though I haven’t posted images of them all previously.

      • Really? Shows how good I am at picturing them then.

        I have an *idea* who two of the others could be, although they don’t quite match the images in my head. The sooner I can buy it the sooner I get to find out, I guess.

  2. Let the looking on Amazon, every couple of hours begin 🙂

    Plus is it possible for you to make a general chat section for your books please, as sometimes when I am re re rereading some of your older books I have wanted to post a comment, but there has been nowhere to put it 😦


    Only ever wanted to say good things 🙂

    • I’ll look into that. Don’t start refreshing for at least a couple of hours. It takes me an hour or so to prep the files another hour for Amazon to publish, and I don’t think I’ll start for a couple of hours yet because my brain hurts from the final edits. 🙂

  3. i think the lady in front is the boss man’s daughter, the woman who designed Kit(for the life of me i can’t remember her name).

  4. The women in the blue bodysuit could be Helen Dillan, i think.

  5. Best cover yet. The work shows. Lots of Emergence titles in the AU store but not yours yet. I will keep checking though 🙂

  6. Marie??? For the lady in the blue body suit????

  7. No clue about the dark hair.. but the others are Kit and the rest are actually Fox. At least that is my guess. Looking forward to reading it.

  8. My bets are for Naomi, Belle and the Ylister(??) unit

  9. Been a while since Ive read Fox so Im a bit fuzzy on characters, so all I can come up with is the one in front maybe being Cleopatra and the blonde as being the gynoid who disappeared in Deathweb. The last on the right, if Yliaster is close, might be Pythia. Just please tell me none of them are Vali.

  10. right to left Fox Kit ???? Terri robot obv. and Kit again in the background I think

  11. well ill let ya know when I figure it out just started reading a min ago so….

  12. I have just finished reading it, and I’m still not sure who the brunette is. My first thought on seeing the image was “why are Gillian Gilroy and Shannon Patton on the cover of a Fox book?”

    • The brunette plays a fairly big part in the story. Possibly you imagine her as a blonde. I thought she was a blonde when I was writing this one. Then I went and found her model and discovered I was misremembering.

  13. Just finished and seems to me, from left to right, they are Fox, Kit, Hannah, Fei, and then either Kit in her gynoid body or Fox before she gets her skin. Not sure if the figure in the background is supposed to be anyone, or just represent the theme of the book.

    • Nine out of ten, because you hedged on the rightmost figure.
      The figure in the back is someone, but is also thematic, so I’ll give you that one.

  14. I agree with Arik, but i think the gynoid body should belong to Fox, the description seems to match better.
    The background figure shows how the new cyberframe of Fox emerges from the process with new skin / hair etc…?

    • 10 for 10. Though Arik’s right about the background figure too.
      The figure in the background is meant to be reminiscent of the opening sequence of Ghost in the Shell (movie), and “rising up,” “emerging” as a general concept. Getting the lighting right on that took a couple of goes and even then there’s a 50% white layer over the top of it to further obscure the details.

  15. Was Hannah’s appearance ever described?

    • Yes. During Kit’s investigation of Grant in DeathWeb. There’s a fair description of her while Fox is going over Kit’s data in the murder room.

  16. Richard Haselwood

    Love the cover

  17. Now that I know the answer, I can see that the gynoid’s posture is an exact mirror of Fox’s.

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