I Hate Summer

That’s probably a bit strong, but summer gets to me. Summer, for those not in England, is something of a strange event. It’s kind of the same as winter, but warmer. Except that recently we’ve had drier winters. And then it turns around and boils you alive for two days before a sudden cold front blows in, just about the time you’d planned a picnic or you’re about to go on holiday to Brighton. (Brighton being a traditional place to holiday in England, though I couldn’t say why. I blame the Victorians.)

So, anyway, the weather is depressing. At night, it has a habit of remaining warm and humid. My sleeping habits could be described as ‘random at best’ most of the time, but recently my sleep has been more like the kind of thing chaotic system mathematicians salivate over. Add in a few other things that could be going better right now… sigh.

Why, you ask, am I telling you this? (If you haven’t asked then… I’m going to tell you anyway.) Well, my motivation is shot. The new Unobtainium book has stalled, partially because I had this other idea I want to flesh out a little, and partially because I can’t actually motivate myself to do much at all. This is a problem, but may not delay the book. It was slated for October anyway, and that’s plenty of time to get the thing in shape. I have two Fox Meridian books ready to go out this month and next which will hopefully keep you happy, and I might have something new to drop in later in the year because I think I’ll try a bit more of that sci-fi thing I mentioned to see whether the characters mesh before going back to Unobtainium-land.

This motivational issue is one of the reasons I’ve been quiet for a while. The other being that I didn’t have much to say. I should be reporting on the next Fox book soon, however. I’m going to need a cover… hmm.


4 responses to “I Hate Summer

  1. I would think heat and humid nights would be great environmental immersion for the next unobtanium book. Considering it looked like it would be in Africa. Good luck with the sleep.

  2. I can understand the lack of motivation as I have the same problem here in the states in the summer too damn hot to do much even with the ac on.

    on a side note as a request that shouldn’t take much effort you could update your “what I’m working on” as its 2 or 3 months out of date atm. And I for one would like to know more about what is in the pipes so to speak.

    Anyways thanks for the always entertaining books. Keep them coming.

  3. Good to hear from you. Sad the crap weather is beating you down. Friends I have that live in UK tell me there is 1 type of weather. Rain!! Some times it’s cold and other times it’s warm but there is always rain

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