Fox’s World Gets a Little Bit Closer

I failed miserably to get any sleep last night so I was up and watching the BBC’s web site when the news came in that we have voted to leave the EU. I don’t want to get heavily political or give away how I voted or anything, but… Da Fuck!

Anyway, in the universe Fox Meridian inhabits, the EU has broken up thanks to economic and climate pressures. The UK jumped ship prior to the union failing. What remains of the EU is basically the northern European countries, lead by German, and is known as the Nordeuropäische Union, the NU. Most of southern Europe is semi-arid and insolvent, hence the change.

This was based on various future timeline predictions which I did not make, but the way things were progressing in Europe and the rest of the world, it seemed a pretty viable future. We really don’t seem to be keen on fixing the climate, and the economic aspects of the EU are creaking. The refugee crisis has not helped. But… I figured I’d be dead or senile before it all started. Guess I was wrong.

This brought to you by the “We did what?!!” newsroom. Another post with book links coming up soon.


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