Frostburn Real Soon Now


I’ve done the final edits and I’ll be creating the upload manuscripts this evening (when I’ve recovered). So, Frostburn should be available first thing tomorrow, or later tonight, depending on where in the world you are. I’ll post links tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the next Unobtainium book is currently called King Solamet’s Mines and it’s up to 11,300 words. Might change the title yet, but I think that one fits. It does give a fairly big hint about the plot, but then if you hadn’t figured that much out, you haven’t read the first book…


14 responses to “Frostburn Real Soon Now

  1. Good will look for it so I can buy asap. Love the cover =)

  2. The cover looks badass… except that cartoony eye, what is that? xD
    Unobtanium 2 is actually the book I’m anticipating the most right now. 🙂

  3. It’s up on! All that hitting F5 really paid off.

  4. It is also up on
    Thanks I now have something to read over the weekend.

  5. It’s up on Smashwords (and someone’s bought it there within about 10 seconds) as well. I’ll post links and such tomorrow anyway. It’s been a long day and all the copy-paste may drive me to drink if I do it today. 🙂

  6. Thanks. I was hoping one of my favorite authors would release a new book. The 2-week cycle continues.

  7. Just looked it’s up on Reading it now =)

  8. Wow. It seems not even prison will keep Cygnus’ enemies. It seems the only way she can get them off her back is to kill them or build her own prison.

  9. And bought on Amazon AU. Cool! Looking forward to the new Unobtainium book now. Funny enough I just watched the 1950 version of King Solomon’s Mines with Stewart Granger and Deborah Kerr..

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