War of the Steam/Dieselpunk Worlds

I’ve wrapped the first draft of The Ghost in the Doll and I finally got bored enough with all my o available media that I picked up Penny Dreadful on Amazon. Well… only one thing for it, I’m going to have to write another Unobtainium book. Well, not totally promising, but it’s being plotted and researched: Kate, Charles, and Antonia are going back to the Dark Continent.

Meanwhile, I’ve been digging through Steam and Dieselpunk material for inspiration. I’ve got a load of Lady Mechanika comics I haven’t read, more Penny Dreadful to watch, at least one book I should get around to. Plus, well, it’s not quite right, but it’s also so right, Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds is playing as I write this. The original one, not the new version.

Now, War of the Worlds came out when I was a kid. I first heard some of it when a girl in my class brought it in (on vinyl) for a sort of show and tell thing. I was gripped. It was awesome! I put it on my Christmas or birthday list and soon I had my own gatefold album with two records and a very evocative art book which had all the lyrics in it. I’d sit in front of our record player with headphones on and sing along… Yeah, I can’t sing, but hey, I couldn’t here me. Now, probably 35 years later, I can still remember all the lyrics. Not just the ones everyone knows. Oh no, I can remember the duet between the parson and his wife, Spirit of Man. My geek credentials are, apparently, well up to date.

Still have to wonder how the infantryman thought he was going to start a brave new world ‘with just a handful of men,’ but I guess it had to rhyme.


6 responses to “War of the Steam/Dieselpunk Worlds

  1. A new Unobtainium book? Yes please. Just don’t take too much of a leaf out of Penny Dreadful. For a show that has so much potential the writers waste a lot of opportunities. Every season has had slow development that only picks up in the last few episodes. And after the first season Victor and his creatures are just WASTED, let alone Dorian Grey. The third season is about a certain blood sucker and I suspect season four will involve a mummy.
    Vanessa/Eva Green is the best thing about the show. Loved most of her story arc in season 2 even more than 1. Don’t like it when the writers have her as a victim.

  2. Forgot to mention my love for Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds. I think it was the 3rd LP I bought. Loved it and listened to it over and over. Really enjoyed then booklet too with it’s paintings of the war with the Martians. Never got to see the live show in person but I do have the dvd of it which is very nice too.

    • That looks… amusing.

      • If it’s like any of AVV’s other stuff it should be. It’ll also be very explicit. More like smut with a nice plot to hold it together rather than a good story with some naughty bits to provide the occasional titillation.

  3. Thought so too. XD
    Found it in “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” under the first Unobtainium.

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