VAT Update

I’ve just heard from the HMRC and I’m clear. I don’t need to be VAT registered at this time. This is because most of my income comes from Amazon in the US, if my EU-based income ever gets to a sufficient level, I’ll need to figure things out again. It’s something I need to watch, but not a current threat.

So, if you find yourself making a lot of money on something you would never have thought VAT applied to… think again and make sure your accountant considers it.

That’s if you’re in the EU. If you’re in America, well, I know you guys all have heart attacks in early April anyway, so I know you feel my pain.

Ahhh… That’s one load lifted, on to the next…

PS. The Ghost in the Doll word count is now 43800 words, and Kit is still cute.


11 responses to “VAT Update

  1. Does this mean there is some future possibility of Kit *not* being cute? Because, frankly, I don’t believe it.

    On a not entirely unrelated note, I don’t think we’ve seen a picture of her in those glasses yet. Or is that just too dangerous?

    • If she takes over the world and becomes an evil cybernetic overlord… Who am I kidding?
      Meanwhile… Just checked up the concept piece I did for kit’s ‘business suit,’ and it’s okay, but I’m going to see if I can do better. Look out for something tomorrow.

  2. That’s good news, very pleased for you šŸ™‚

  3. That’s great and all but I’m out of things to read… again!

  4. I dread the day I’ll have to start paying taxes. Sometimes I think the only point of taxes (and laws in general) being so complicated is to create jobs for accountants and lawyers.
    Patiently waiting for Frostburn… Who am I kidding? Finish it already! :p

    • On or around the 24th, probably the 25th. Final edit gets done this week, I think, and then it goes for proofing.
      In other news, the re-render of Kit’s business suit is at 93% convergence.

      • Noo! What will I read for 17 days? ^^
        Have you thought about putting some of the non-cover renders in the books between chapters or at the end?

      • On odd occasion, I’ve considered doing graphic inserts, yes. However, it’s a massive pain formatting them, not all the formats handle graphics well, it’s next to useless if you read on a greyscale reader (I do), etc. I think I’d only do it for some special reason, with graphics that were actually some component of the story, or if the technology improves (a lot).

  5. It’s good to see that you didn’t get chucked into a VAT over writing a few books.

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