That WTF Moment

It’s Saturday night and I am socially maladjusted so, obviously, I’m hunting for something to watch on Netflix and Amazon Prime. I have just reached the desperation point of typing in random keywords in an attempt to find anything new and worth the bother and my latest search was going to be “artificial intelligence.” (Yes, I know what I’m going to get and I refuse to watch that one. No. Not ever.) But this is where the story became weird…

I typed in ‘a’ and ‘r’ and then I was presented with a few possibles. Arrow is number four in the list, but before it Amazon managed to find four videos which fitted the ‘ar’ search term better. Four, two minute videos of young ladies in bikinis shooting an AR-15 rifle. I watched one, because… science. It’s a video. Of a girl. Wearing a bikini. Unloading a semi-automatic rifle into a target. For two minutes. I… was speechless.

I did not really know this was a thing. Girls and guns… sure. I kind of make money out of girls and guns (and swords, and magic). But… yeah.

Anyway, that’s not what bothered me so much as the fact that it’s on Amazon Prime! I’ve seen some pretty weird things turning up there recently, but YouTube videos of girls firing assault weaponry? (Not even on full-auto!)

So, basically… WTF?!

PS. The full search did turn up the Haley Joel Osment movie first… sigh.

PPS. The Ghost in the Doll word count is now 10505!

PPPS. Maybe another Kit picture on Monday.


6 responses to “That WTF Moment

  1. Girls with guns have featured on Youtube since it started. Cat videos only overtook their popularity later on.

  2. Or cat girls firing guns…no wait that’s already been done a number of times in anime.

  3. If 42 is the answer to the ultimate question and never forget to bring your gun to a knife fight are words to live by,,, err sorry I forgot I forgot the question =)

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