It Has Emerged

Probably a better title for when I release the book, but…

Someone suggested I should post more frequently, even if it’s just something about what stage the writing’s in. Maybe some word counts… Almost certainly not going to do that, because it might be depressing for one thing. And I’m not going to promise to post regularly because… Well, my brain doesn’t work like that. I am lousy at the social media thing because I just plain don’t think of it as a thing to do. Possibly an age thing: I’ve been doing stuff internet related since before it was a thing, but I don’t have the mindset for what it’s become. But…

Since I seem to be in the mood currently (this’ll be 3 posts in 2 days! go me!), here’s the progress update. (And, yes I have updated the What I’m Working On page.)

Emergence is code-complete. That means it’s got all its words in it and it’s moved to the ‘awaiting editing’ phase.

I’m currently working on the plotting for The Ghost in the Doll, a title which will make far more sense when you start reading it, honestly. Yes, it’s also obviously a play on both The Ghost in the Machine and The Ghost in the Shell (which, of course is a reference to The Ghost in the Machine in itself, meta-references FTW!), but there are in-universe elements which will be revealed. First hints in Emergence.

But before I start writing GitD, Frostburn will get its first edit run. As I recall, there’s a missing scene I need to write, so that’s going to take a little longer than usual, but I expect to get started on GitD by the end of this week, barring unforeseen meteorite strikes or robot invasions.

In case you’re wondering, I don’t currently have the slightest clue what’s going to come after GitD. I should probably do something seriously different, but we’ll see where my mind is wheeling in a month.


8 responses to “It Has Emerged

  1. As far as the What I Am Working on goes. I’m pretty sure Ultrahumans 3 *does* have a title now.

  2. Just thought to mention for continuity, you have the thaumatology books and Fox book 5 are in the purgatory section as well at the writing and/or working area.

  3. I only hope that Fei doesn’t turn evil in the next book. She’s such a completely different kind of character compared to all the others.

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