An Aside: Kit With a Bump

Over on Facebook, someone suggested that my ultra-secret ending for Emergence might be that I was going to have Kit get pregnant. (People on FB don’t read comments about not speculating, it seems, but they have gone for jokes and it’s FB.)

I said “Well, there goes the plot for the next book.” Ha ha.

Then I thought, “What would that look like? Gotta do it.”

So, pregnant Kit. About 6 months if AIs have a 9 month gestation. The father is Vali, of course. I’ve never really subscribed to the whole “pregnancy makes a woman beautiful” thing, but apparently if you’re just a virtual image, you still look too damn cute.

And it’s a shame it isn’t April 1st.



9 responses to “An Aside: Kit With a Bump

  1. After seeing this pic, my twisted brain could not help but come up with a few play on words. Here are 2
    It’s 10:00 o’clock do you know were your A.I. Is at?
    Opps looks like Fox forgot to renew Norton.

  2. LOVE the picture! Kit is, as always, simply the cutest.

    My question is this- if Vali and Kit DID decide to start something special, would they ask Terri and Jackson to act as midwives?

    And if dastardly evil-doers decide to do dirty deeds, then Fox may get to go grumpy aunt all over their asses.

    NIX better watch out. Hell may be coming to breakfast!

    • There’s currently no way for an AI to have a child, even if one could emulate pregnancy in its avatar, so I think it’s a moot point. But I think Kit would select Terri as midwife, and Jackson and Fox as godparents. And I think if anything happened to threaten the ‘baby,’ whoever did it would suffer a world of hurt, and not just from Fox. Can you imagine what Jackson, Terri, and Vali could do to someone’s virtual life if properly motivated?

      Also, my favourite Kit line from the next book: “Oh… When you put it like that… No pressure my virtual butt.” She’s developing some assertive qualities. šŸ™‚

      • LOL!

        Kit is an AWESOME character. I am glad she doesn’t take herself too seriously at times.

        Then again, with FOX a roil model…

  3. Well, it’s not as if Kit was pregnant, but she’s basically got an adopted daughter now.

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