Ultrahuman Art Dump

Okay, I’m now working on the final edit for Hunting Mink. I am trying to get this out for tomorrow, but I’m taking this opportunity to say that I’m working through corrections in a document, while trying to hold off a blazing headache. I’ll get the book out tomorrow. I’ll work through the pain for my readers. (I will get all the sympathy I can for this.) But it’s slowing my down, and it may delay things a little. Sorry.

As partial compensation for any delay, and because I was going to do this anyway… Some art. We’ve got the cover for Hunting Mink here, and the character sheets for Cygnus, Twilight, and Mink. If you click through any of the character sheets, they’ll take you to the ArtStation page where I put all three sheets plus an extra which may give a little hint of one possible future for Twilight.

hunting mink-cover1-amazoncygnus-study26twilight-study39mink-study16


4 responses to “Ultrahuman Art Dump

  1. Can’t wait! Although obviously I’m going to have to.

  2. Just this minute finished reading ugly and shadows, and can’t wait for book 3 😀

    Oh by the way.

    Take one ‘E’ aspirin, and publish a book in the morning.

  3. Cool. Just finished the book I was reading so off to Amazon I go.

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