If You’re Hunting Mink…

You can find her here:

As I type this, I haven’t had notification from Amazon that the process is finished, so Hunting Mink may not be available in all areas. If it’s showing as not available, try again in a few hours.


12 responses to “If You’re Hunting Mink…

  1. Out in the UK , and I am already reading and enjoying it 😀

  2. Bought it very early Sunday AM US Eastern time and lost sleep to it. Luckily I can nap later. Nice cameo, too 😁

  3. At last another Ultra Human Book. Nice, very nice, absolutely great. Thank you very much. 🙂

    • You can expect another one in a couple of months. I am, right at this very moment, writing up the synopsis for the two after that, but they’ll be a little longer coming. I need to write them together (or someone will hunt me down and kill me), which will take a lot of energy and planning, plus a few other series need some attention as well.

  4. Oooooooooh a two parter????

    I’ll get my skinning knife ready, just in case there is a two big of a delay between them 🙂

    • I’ve only ever done one true cliffhanger ending in any of my books (in the Thaumatology series) and I made sure there was no more than a month between the two, because the “end of season cliffhanger” trope in TV drives me absolutely nuts (especially when the next season gets cancelled). That’s why the two need to be written together, so that I can put them out in short order when they’re ready.
      To be precise, there will be one plot-thread which carries over between the two books. The primary story lines of each will wrap within a single book, but… Yeah, the skinning knife would be deserved if I left it hanging for too long.

      • Ive never minded small end scene in a book thats a lead in to the next, and not everything needs to be tied up by the end of each book, thats what sequels are for after all. True cliff hangers on the other hand, considering the length of time many authors have between books they just piss me off unless the author is aware of how much it can irritate their readers(as you seem to be) and get the next one out quickly. Ive actually stopped reading some authors because they were overly fond of leaving readers hanging and taking forever to get the next book out, and in one or two cases jumping into an entirely new series and just leaving the other in limbo with no indication when it will continue.

        Enjoyed Hunting Mink the most out of the Ultrahuman books so far. Was nice to finally find out what the hell was up with how Cygnus came to be, even if it did ruin my theory of what was up. I had it in my head that she was an avatar of something, and the voices were the voices of those she was protecting, or victims, or some such. I did decide early on when reading that Bianca was Mink, then thought nah, hes just messing with readers, then back again a few times. So, good job on making it just vague enough so that it wasnt absolutely clear for for quite a while wether she was Mink or just involved with her in some way. Well, to me at least…I could just be thick in the head.

  5. 😀

  6. Loved this book, definetly love the new Mink. Her and twilight can fight it out for top spot. Great work on this story.

  7. I Noticed this from Shadows:
    June noticed one blonde walking among the people with a look of distinct boredom on her face, and she was in a short, tight dress composed of purple, black, red, and orange panels, with a triangle of bare skin

    Teasdale, Niall (2015-05-22). Shadows (Ultrahumans Book 2) (Kindle Locations 2548-2550). . Kindle Edition.

    showing beneath her bust. Andrea had the vague feeling she should recognise her, but the name was not springing to mind.

    Teasdale, Niall (2015-05-22). Shadows (Ultrahumans Book 2) (Kindle Location 2550). . Kindle Edition.

    It starts with June and then suddenly it’s Andrea instead of June lol

  8. If you are still collecting possible corrections then you might want to change “nucleotides” to something like “harmful nuclides” or “radioactive isotopes” about half-way through the book. Purging nucleotides from Elaine’s body would remove all the DNA and RNA.

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