The new V8… And Other Silliness

So… I got up this morning and checked my mail, and discovered that DAZ had released V8 and that it going for free just for today. Given I’d just converted Cygnus over to G3F/V7, I figured she would be best to illustrate the features of the new model. So here she is in all her glory, beside her converted version…


Look at those cylinders! Not as flexible as the V7 version, and the posing leaves something to be desired…

Yes… They actually had me until I’d clicked the link and was waiting for the page to load. Then I remembered it was April 1st and I knew I was in for a joke. But I still downloaded it because… free. I mean, maybe I’ll need a V8 engine model at some point, right?

Anyway, it’s a pretty good ender of Cygnus.

A few other things have caught my attention today, but I wanted to point you at two on DeviantArt. This one by Shinez, and the reply from JollyJack. I just found them humerous to say the least, especially since I’ve seen the precursor drawings passing by for the last few months. Also, if you don’t know Sunstone… why not?! Same goes for JJ’s Sequential Art strip which features a lot of intelligent, buxom, furries. And what’s not to like about that? (Scarlett is my favourite.)


11 responses to “The new V8… And Other Silliness

  1. Well I got the email as well today, on April the 2nd so the joke is on them really. But it is a good render of Cygnus.

  2. Love your books hope you write more : ) Also the divsion is great till its not

    • Thank you. Not much danger of me stopping. And that seems like an accurate estimation of The Division. Sadly, I don’t think it’s going to have much longevity if development continues as it is now.

  3. So…. how bout them thaumatology books?

  4. How about them *anything* books?

    I.e. what’s up?

    • I’ve got a new Ultrahumans book coming out this weekend (more to follow, probably today), and the one after that will be another Ultrahumans book (date of release unknown as yet). And a sudden rush of inspiration has resulted in Fox moving up to the next spot in the list with a book which will probably be called Emergence, though that might change before it hits the shops.

  5. Is it the weekend yet?

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