Because… Easter


Andrea, Cygnus, and June from New Millennium City dressed up for Easter. Because it’s Easter and I’ve been doing a lot of work with these three recently.

The eagle-eyed may notice that I upgraded the models. Those just looking at the T&A will likely not care.


2 responses to “Because… Easter

  1. And a safe and good Easter to you too. The models do look much more realistic, especially Cygnus. And Twilight has a new hair do. Did you upgrade to the latest Victoria base?

    • I even tagged the page “Genesis 3 Female.” 🙂 Technically they aren’t V7, though some of them have some V7 in the mix. I tend to start from the base G3F and mix to get what I want.
      It’s a lot easier to convert G2F to G3F than it was to go G1 to G2F, so the characters look closer to the original, but they do look more natural. Everyone has new hair, but Twilight’s does look the most different. Cygnus’s new do is a pain to pose, I might add.
      Just wait until you see the new costumes…

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