Division of Labour

Okay, so most of today was lost to Tom Clancy’s The Division. It arrived around midday and I held myself back until after lunch, but I was playing it pretty much non-stop (aside from a break for dinner and Lucifer) until midnight when my controller batteries died on me in the middle of a firefight. At least I now know how long the batteries last…

I figured tomorrow was going to be lost to it, but no. Tomorrow I need to get back into the right rhythm, which means writing until at least mid-afternoon (when I usually start noticeably slowing down and have trouble maintaining concentration: yes, just like a day job). Already The Collective has fallen to not being able to figure out how to get the protagonists where they need to be, so I’ve moved on. Frostburn, the next Ultrahumans book, has been more or less plotted out and started. Looks like there’ll be two Ultrahumans books in a row. Oh, and book 3 now has a name: Hunting Mink.

So… Do I like my new game? Well, obviously, though it’s not a real certainty until it keeps me entertained for several months. However, it also has the most ludicrous concept of any game I’ve ever played (with the possible exception of the Riddler’s parts in the Batman: Arkham… series). It sounds clever and kind of realistic, but it’s totally comic book. There’s an apparently airborne virus which is spread through infected bank notes… Um… We have a vast army of ‘sleeper agents’ embedded in the populace who are basically special ops soldiers living as normal people and no one has noticed. Real special ops soldiers train constantly. No one has noticed that the girl who works in the coffee shop down the road shoots 2000 rounds a day at the firing range and runs 10 miles before going to work? Mind you, it is set in New York, so… maybe.

Anyway, tomorrow, back to superheroes who aren’t trying to be normal…

In case you’re wondering, I don’t have super-willpower…


9 responses to “Division of Labour

  1. So far Im successfully ignoring the more ridiculous aspects of The Division plot, as well as sleep, in favor of gleefully running around with my friends handing out energy bars to random people for cosmetic clothes and shooting stuff. That includes most of the dogs I see, they shouldnt bark so damn much or I might give them an energy bar too instead of a bullet! Curious to know, and Im assuming from the Xbox tag in the post that youre playing on that, if DZ is as much of a cluster there as it is on PC right now?

    • Sleep apparently decided it wanted me today (not surprising given how much I’ve had recently – not much).
      Anyway, the Dark Zone… don’t know, haven’t been in there yet. I played the weekend beta a couple of weeks ago, which is why I decided to get the game. Generally, I avoid PvP areas like the plague (I suck at PvP), but the DZ in the beta was actually a rather pleasing place to play. Mostly it was coop. Random people would gather and shoot up bad guys, or help each other defend an extraction point. If the live DZ turns out to be a rogue’s charter, I’ll be disappointed, but hardly shocked.

  2. I’m a big fan of your Aneka Jansen and Fox Meridian books. I’m likely going to check out your Thaumatology books soon also because I find I truly enjoy your writing. As for The Division, I played the Open Beta and I’ve been playing since the day after launch. I was in hospital the day of launch or I’d have been playing then. I really enjoy the game but like you I find PvP to be rather….frustrating and somewhat abusive. I will admit that The Division’s way of doing PvP seems better than most I’ve encountered over many years of gaming but I still find myself reluctant to enter the Dark Zone without a group. Unfortunately, most of my friends that play are all significantly higher level as they do nothing but play the game and work. I find the game fun for a few hours then I’m off to read or find something else to do. It’s not that enthralling to me like some of your books. I started reading Fox 1 by pure chance because I’d finished the last Aneka book I had on my Kindle App, I read Fox 1 from beginning to end non-stop (not even to pee) and immediately bought 2 and 3 right after. Got the 4th as soon as I heard it was released. I haven’t found a game that draws me in as much as a good book yet and I’m rather afraid of the day that I do.

  3. Game looks kind of cool, but it has one MAJOR strike against it in my book.


    I SINCERELY hope you are playing it on consoles. I do not own a console and will not in the foreseeable future due to financial problems. Ubisoft’s idea of dealing with PC players is simple. ‘Screw them.’

    I don’t even need to bring up the abortion that is UPlay on PC that only works when it wants to every other Thursday. They simply don’t CARE about problems on PC since their money is made on consoles. Anyone dumb enough to buy any of their titles for PC gets what they deserve. The shaft.

    If it works for you and you enjoy it? Great.

    I refuse to give them any more of my money after the many times they told me to ‘Go away’ when I asked for technical support. One of their support people literally told me ‘The fix is on Google! Fix it yourself!’

    They get NO MORE of my money. Ever. If I am GIFTED a Ubisoft title I might play it, but I won’t buy it. I do not pirate games, but theirs are the only ones I would consider doing so.

    • I have the same attitude to George Lucas. Between all the re-releases and then “Episode I,” I figured Lucas was saying the same thing to anyone who ever liked Star Wars and refused to give him any more of my money.

      Yes, I mostly play games on an XBOne. The PC I have with the power to handle modern games is usually too busy doing renders. I did get Watch Dogs free with the PC, but I could never really get into it. Is the Tomb Raider series Ubisoft? I think it might be. Those I play on XBOne and thoroughly enjoy them. The Division has proven more addictive than I expected, though I think the initial surge is wearing off a little and my sanity may return soon.

      The backstory still makes no sense.

  4. The Tomb Raider Series was made by Ubisoft and I regret that. That is the ONLY Ubi title in recent memory that tempted me into nearly breaking my oath never to buy their stuff again.

    Enjoy their games if you can on consoles. PC is simply not worth the time or energy for them to do right.

    But yeah, I agree the backstory for The Division makes NO sense. I have known a few Spec Ops guys. They are fairly memorable. The sheer lunacy of hundreds hiding in plain sight in a city like New York (WITH weapons and ammo) boggles the mind.

  5. Are you able to offer any update on Hunting Mink?

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